Universe, is space in that there are billions of galaxies and out of them in milky way galaxy and on planet earth us humans and fellow living beings staying alive as there is proper environment conditions like air for oxygen, water for minerals, food for nutrients etc to support our life but they are not just enough, for humans known as people in modern society brain is essential that provide consciousness and Intelligent quotient with senses which not just let you remember everything that you see with eyes, hear with ears, touch with skin, smell with nose, taste with tongue, movements of body parts like hands and legs to move and go anywhere and anytime etc but also analyse and recognise them isn't cool?

In sense, brain with IQ aka intelligence quotient based on it's gained level gives ability to learn, imagine, think, feel and understand by solving questions or challenges about anything the way you want then it will let you be aware off or provide ideas to use available resources for personal or commercial purposes timely and accordingly which is essential to survive in this world without them and help from fellow people you may can't cope with neither environment and social conditions that's why since ancient times people around the world continuously training and acquiring existing or new knowledge to improve IQ of brain to get potential and capability to do works or activities more quite efficiently.

Even though, almost all people have same body parts and essentials to live but in different shapes, sizes and quantities likewise each person have different brain and IQ levels based on that they mentally or physically do everything which is why each person may have different moods, liking, preferences, viewpoints and skills etc but majority of them have one thing in common which is always strive to simplify hard works due to that since long time they invented various different methods as well as techniques to do real life tasks easily.

Especially, since the industrial revolution started in late or mid 17th century many people around the world started inventing revolutionary different types of hardware based mechanical machines for various purposes which will automatically execute almost all real life tasks as predesigned and programmed mechanically due to such functionalities to use their potential and capabilities alot of people setup factories to make products in large numbers and then sell them worldwide that changed lifestyle of people and eventually made rural areas into urban ones but in that process we got modern powerful and advanced technologies.

Fortunately, In 18th century Charles Babbage invented Computer which is basically hardware based mechanical machine but can find and provide output for entry like it can answer the questions as pre-design and programmed correctly for Instance the world first computer named difference engine is automatic mechanical calculator will tabulate polynomial functions then after that number of Inventors and companies for personal or commercial reasons build different types of computers for various usages purposes adapting to latest technologies in that process in the mid 19th century we got electronic computers.

The computers powered by electricity are known as electronic computers and the main speciality of them is you can execute and run almost all real life tasks automatically and electronically at the same timeline many Inventors Integrated and run operating systems basically softwares developed using numerous programming languages on electronic computers which execute and run real life tasks digitally at first they used to big then as time goes in year 1970s we got small size home compatible PCs aka personal computers with CLI aka command line interface and GUI aka graphical user interface thus you can use more conveniently and comfortably.

But, PCs with digital softwares also only execute and run pre-set and programmed tasks by people using programming languages like C++ and JavaScript etc . which is disappointing isn't it? what if PCs can start thinking, feeling, learning or analyzing and recognizing the real world on  its own like humans it will be super useful and amazing right? To make this possible we got AI - artificial intelligence which is basically software but it's like a human-like brain with consciousness and Intelligence quotient for electronic devices like PCs or smartphones and robots etc so that they will become the best companion or assistant to handle or simplify your works then do them more efficiently, fantastic right?

AI - artificial intelligence like humans will find answers to it's own questions or someone else by thinking or from existing available resources like from nature, people, society, experience, books etc then create or choose the best possible answer according to pre-set algorithms to act on or provide you not the preset one you see on normal PCs isn't cool? the development on this idea and subject dates back to early mid 19th century since then number of developers invented different AI based programs for computers at first they are basic but later on developers continuously used and adapted AI to new technologies in that process now we have powerful and advanced modern AI technologies.

Now a days, AI is used on almost all electronic devices in different fields and sectors like either in cars and PCs mainly on smartphones and robots including that from past few years usage of AI is rapidly growing around the world immensely thanks to its extensive potential and capabilities due to that numerous big companies like Google, Microsoft, Tesla, Facebook etc even new start ups exploring and finding then developing new methods and techniques to use AI for personal or commercial purposes for the benefit of present and near future for sure. 

There are numerous ways AI at present is widely used around the world to name few like finding and detecting simple or complex differences and similarities between data like recognising original photographs, films, signatures, texts, physical objects etc between two or more fake ones and capturing or automatically recognising best shot of images or videos taken through digital cameras based on existing data even simply convert them from black and white to color ones based on existing data and many more.

You can also detect movements of physical objects or sounds and auto track and detect faces of humans and animals etc in either light or dark scenarios from the given data or through live camera using AI that will be super useful for surveillance cameras and auto drive cars including that AI can also inspect physical or digital products to check similarities or differences mainly errors or defects which is useful in manufacturing sectors like in factories and companies to check and control quality automatically and AI can also pack and setup products with robots reducing the manual effort of workers to  significant level so that you are not only able to save money financially but also sell products worldwide more efficiently.

Even though, many developers as said earlier created numerous AI programs since mid 19th century itself but one that got prominence was AI chatbots used for auto communication purposes in year 1960s which can answer to questions like real people using pre-stored or collected even it's own created data for instance if someone ask AI chat bot about current weather of country if answer is not pre-stored then it has capability to find from other sources like from world wide web of Internet so that you can have conversation with it like you do with real people and you may use them as virtual personal text or voice based AI chat bots as assistant or companion which is useful and helpful to do work fast and increase productivity.

Apple inc. a well known american PC maker is first to create voice and text based AI personal digital assistant named Siri basically AI chat bot in year 2011 for it's iPhone smartphones which is still in usage now after that many companies created their own custom AI based digital assistants using and adapting to their own or third party latest technologies for PCs, smartphones and robots etc out of them most popular ones are Google assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana etc which are Integrated with alot of options and features and development on AI chatbots continuously going at fast pace from numerous companies globally due to that now we have powerful and advanced AI enabled futuristic revolutionary virtual modern personal digital assistants.

Meanwhile, Facebook a popular social media platform developed a AI chatbot but they created their own changes to english to work each other which is not understandable to people due to that facebook back in year 2017 abandoned them as communication of AI chat bots must be in understandable language to people, if that AI based chatbots were Integrated on robots for communication purposes then we can't neither understand them or they listen to us due to that there is big chance that robots may plan each other in their created own languages to destroy life on earth which is why number of scientists warned regarding negative effects of AI but as it's very important to progress in terms of technology and AI does have positive effects number of inventors continuously using AI building super cool and amazing powerful and advanced softwares and robots etc.

Robots are Integrated with different types of AI technologies but communication based ones are primarily Integrated on humanoid robots so that they not just do all physical and mental activities of humans with virtual feelings and emotions but also express them like for instance Japanese researchers from the RIKEN Guardian Robot Project have created japanese researchers build an robot named Nikola which is an android kid capable of communicating six basic emotions like anger, disgust, fear, surprise, sadness, happiness, sadness right now but as the development on AI robots will get new upgrades and take turns we may get such AI robots which have potential and capability to get almost all feelings and emotions of humans in future.

Anyhow, do you know about the Internet? the one that you're in now build by ARPANET in year 1969 which is basically standard protocol to move data on network between computers at first even now used to send digital messages between computers but back then it was basic and private so to extend it's usage possibilities inventor Tim Berners Lee in year 1991 developed and released WWW - world wide web browser software for computers that allows you to access public contents of Internet which are in website format basically software build using programming languages like .html and css etc due to that many people worldwide using ther computer developed different types of revolutionary websites at the same time to access them developed numerous browsers softwares alternative to world wide web for computers.

In order to access public contents of Internet either it's website or any other hosting digital files you need url aka uniform resource locator also known as link to access on browser with computer or any other compatible electronic device like smartphones but there are millions of websites on internet and it is not possible to get all links of them even if you do still you won't know which is best performing one isn't? to simplify this process number of developers created search engines that basically crawl millions of websites based on your keyword in just few seconds then index best ones on top of search results for conveniency and this work is possible with AI robots for instance search engine giant Google use AI enabled hummingbird bot to automatically do this job for you.

World wide web has millions of websites right? out of them to rank one on top and show to you search engines usually use ML aka machine learning which is sub set of AI that will learn provided data then from that pull out best one for instance in order to rank website on top of search engine then generally that website must meet quality standards like age, traffic, quality, backlinks etc which is studied by machine learning according to algorithm it will automatically adapt and learn to pick best one which is basically AI.

However, machine learning is used in numerous softwares, machines and devices other then search engines in world wide web mainly since past few years thanks to growing popularity of AI globally but to be clear if AI is intellegent then machine learning is the algorithm to get that intelligence for AI which means both are inter-connected to each other as machine learning check data out of them based on algorithms learn to pick right one to give AI and act or present about it.

In simple if AI is brain of human then machine learning is process going on in brain to find answers to questions from existing or new data based on algorithms which is basically intelligence quotient, do you understand? If so did you got any interest on AI and ML? they are right now  strong and futuristic subjects? If you do then python3 is one of the programming languages heavily used in AI and ML if you learn them then it is good for your CV and future carrer endeavours as well.

Finally, this is artificial intelligence and machine learning, they are also Integrated on augmented and virtual reality to futher extended its potential and capabilities extensively and drastically, are you an existing user of AI or ML? If yes do say your experience and mention what do you think about AI and ML in our comment section below see ya :)