James Bond 007, have you ever seen this movie? If you do then you know in that a government law enforcement agent get appointed to various different missions isn't which not only adventurous but also dangerous as well isn't? In that James Bond the agent himself use number of different types of gadgets to take down criminals and complete his missons that are super cool right? though you can't get them unless you're millionaire or you work in law enforcement agencies but you can definitely get some of them like camera and microphone as they're common and widely used by most people globally.

In many action movies and web series even cartoons and animes around the world you will find usage of spy camera and microphones which are not regular ones that we usually use to capture films and record sounds of public sceneries with constent and approval from fellow people and government authorities etc instead that are used to secretly capture photographs or films of places or people and other physical objects etc without any right permission from anyone undercover to gather information about anything that can be used to gather more information or use as evidence and proof etc in order to complete missions isn't awesome?

Since, the beginning era of modern governments almost all democracy or communist and socialist countries setup law enforcement agencies to protect thier people and country in that process they used and found numerous ways out of them spy camera and microphones are super effective as they not only capture and record visual but also audible details that are very much necessary and required to investigate and bring justice properly.

Even though, law enforcement agencies of governments primarily are considered as first organizations to use spy cameras and microphones but later on thanks to number of Inventors who for personal or commercial reasons continously upgraded and created new types of spy cameras and microphones for various purposes by adapting to latest technologies due to that spy cameras and microphones are now used in numerous types different sectors and fields to name few public or private surveillance like to monitor vehicle traffic or home and offlice security etc.

Anyhow, now there are super tiny most powerful and advanced spy cameras and microphones used by almost all law enforcement agencies privately worldwide which are usually not available and accessible to common people for local and international security but we do have numerous commercial spy cameras and microphones they though not comparable to level of NIA or CIA etc but has capability to secretly capture photographs or films and sounds efficiently for sure.

Generally, majority of countries framed privacy and security laws and policies for it's citizens and most of them states that it is illegal to secretly capture someone else photographs or films and record sounds without thier permission as it voilates thier privacy that is punishable by law enforcement agencies which is why most people refrain from doing it but in some scenarios capturing photographs or films and record sounds in certain events and acts are legal like to unhide corruption individuals and companies or person who voilate laws etc can work as evidence or proof for local or international security.

If you are aware of your current country privacy and security laws and decided to do covert spy operations on anything in this world then right now in 21st century moden world of digital technologies we have numerous wired and wireless spy cameras and microphones but only few percentage of people use them including that as spy cameras or microphone sound recorders are usually small and tiny they come with less battery capacity powered by electricity so you very likely only able to get few hours unless it is powered by solar energy isn't bit disappointing?

Anyhow, it's been long time that camera and microphones stopping capturing photographs or films and recording sounds mechanically and electronically since the entry of digital cameras in year 1975 at first they used to capture black and white photographs and films but later on as time goes they got ability to capture color photographs and films with sounds digitally using software developed using several programming languages like C++, python etc in format images and videos with audio efficiently which are now used by people around the world extensively.

Fortunately, digital camera and microphone sound recorders are revolutionary and futuristic which are way better then old mechanical and electronic cameras that's why number of Inventors and companies continously improved them with necessary optimizations and enhancements accordingly in that process mainly since 20th century we got small yet powerful and advanced cameras with in-build microphones thus they can be used for spy missions and operations as well easily and comfortably on the go.

Thankfully, many companies Integrated digital cameras on different electronic machines and devices like on computers and smartphones etc which you can casually use to capture images and videos with audio but as they are much bigger then spy cameras you can't easily use them for covert operations which is why most people either in law enforcement agencies or other sectors use different types of spy camera that are specifically designed to execute and manage covert operations efficiently and smoothly.

However, it may not always possible for you to get spy cameras mainly powerful and advanced ones are quite expensive including that you have to carry them externally which though simple yet for whatever reasons alot of people don't like and prefer to additionally buy them instead most people want to spy on something using existing home compatible PCs aka personal computers or smartphones but the problem with them is they are not made for spy covert operations so it will be hard to use them, don't you think?

When you want PCs to spy then it may won't work as they are big and you can easily use them while walking or running etc but incase of smartphones they are small available in 3 to 4 inches even much smaller ones so definitely they are better then PCs yet still smartphones are much big then spy cameras including that when 
you manually record images and videos or audio using smartphones softwares as it's visible there is chance someone with little effort will notice and caught them which is why large percentage of people don't spy them using PCs and smarphones.

Thankfully, many developers created various software for smartphones by using them you can spy in homes or anywhere else secretly and conveniently but the problem with them is when you use them they capture and record images and videos with audio in background which is what wanted right? but you can't see what exactly it is recording as camera software is hidden for anonymity.

In sense, you can't check the live recording of spy camera software on smartphone that you may don't like as you want to spy on something in front of you at the same time also like to use other functionalities of smartphones for productivity isn't? ain't you one of them for people like you there is an super cool spy camera software for smartphones named XS Camera.

XSCamera is modern and advanced background record with many options and features which will privately let you record videos unlimited times with no time limit with or without flash and sound using front or back cameras in numerous recording modes like totally hidden, mini, logo and progress bar preview etc in all qualities like UHD, FHD, HD, SD etc while making calls or using other softwares of smartphones, isn't super cool?

Note : you use any background image or video camera or microphone audio recorder software on smartphones but make sure to do then ethically knowing and complying with your country laws and legal law enforcement agencies carefully and responsibly to be safe zone, so do you like it? are you interested in XSCamera? If yes then let's explore more.

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Website : www.kurd.cc

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It is very easy to download that from these platforms for free.

• XS Camera key features with UI / UX overview •

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of  XSCamera there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best background video recorder then XSCamera is worthy choice for sure.

Overall, XSCamera comes with light and dark with numerous other mode by default, it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will XSCamera get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it's assuring and impressive.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention XSCamera is one of the very few background video recorders available for Android powered smartphones, yes indeed if you're searching for background video recorder then XSCamera has potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is XSCamera that will let you do spy covert operations and missions like James Bond 007 with your smarphones, are you an existing user of XSCamera? Of yes do say your experience and mention which is your most used option or feature on XSCamera in our comment section below see ya :)