ॐ Hara hara mahadev, water is colourless, transparent, inorganic and odorless liquid substance with chemical formula H2O filled up with number of minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, bicarbonate, chloride etc known as ions and electrolytes which are quite essential not just for humans but also other living organisms in order to live and survive on this planet earth but the water you drink must be proper and have purity then only you'll be able to live healthy, isn't it?

Whenever a living organism in this nature of world get thirsty due to lack of enough liquid and electrolytes basically minerals which were lost due to whatever reasons mainly due to urination, sun heat, physical activities etc so to get them most of them drink water to get back minerals to body which will pass through blood cells via veins to make your body functionalities properly which is why it's important to always drink pure water not polluted ones which can cause severe health problems and may put you in hospital as well.

There are number of ways to get water on earth as the planet itself has more than 96.5 ocean water which is super salty and if directly consumed is harmful and not drinkable by humans unless done proper reverse osmosis which are usually not consumed by people instead since ancient times most people mainly depended on water from rivers sourced from mountains, rains and groundwater etc which are now also primary sources to get usable and drinkable water for humans globally.

Humans known as people in modern society over the years by creating and adapting to latest technologies developed numerous powerful and advanced water management systems with high quality infrastructure in developed countries where water sourced from rivers or anywhere else is processed carefully with right equipments like reverse osmosis RV filters to reduce hardness of water and remove harmful and toxic contaminants like lead, aluminum, fluoride etc in order to get or provide best possible clean and safe water to people in country.

Eventhough, now large percentage of people around the world mainly from developed countries able to get and drink safe water but still in few developing and many undeveloped countries due to lack of proper infrastructure and lack of facilities and water management systems not even able to store and purify water well instead they depends on old methods which work in most cases but in some cases they won't which is why you'll find In some countries many people get diseases like cholera by drinking impure water from rivers and ground bore water etc.

But, in developed countries also due to negligence in maintenance of drinking water by people and mainly government and private authorities, people prone to unsafe contaminant polluted water which even contain plastic, pesticides, estrogen etc got from industrial wastes which are  released to rivers by factories illegally that's risky and cause health hazards which is why a lot of people around the world to get clean and pure drinkable water using various different reverse osmosis machines extensively.

RV and RO aka reverse osmosis been available in market long time which can not just remove bacteria and harmful contaminants but also minerals that makes water soft as hardness of water depends on deposited minerals solids which reduces alkalinity based on your settings upto 98% that's quite harmful to health as regular and proper well balanced level pure mineral water must for humans as body contains upto 60% water so they are required for body to work properly.

In sense, the level of minerals in water determines the alkaline and ph value which has to be under WHO aka world health organization standards at the same time based on health and medical conditions of person offcourse else it can lead to severe negative effects like for instance insufficient minerals leads to reduced cognitive function of brain and  dehydration that eventually lead to low or high blood pressure that can cause body parts functions and heart failure as well which is why it's essential for anyone somehow through water or electrolyte filled fruit juices get minerals required every day sufficiently for safety.

There are numerous ways to get liquid based minerals for body but at the end organic way using water is best way to restore fluids and minerals into body over unhealthy caffeine drinks even if they are filled with minerals as caffeine can pump up blood without minerals that can cause dehydration thought it has benefits like improved mood or concentration etc but the thing is direct water came from rivers and ground bore water contains harmful contaminants and sometimes water is super hard so in that scenarios using RV and RO methods and device technologies is smart and useful but there are organic better alternatives to it for sure.

Now a days, in most homes and offices etc you'll find people use electronic device RV and RO technologies which f you use correctly then they are super useful and work productively but if you don't know how to exactly use them and requirements for daily required minerals then you can be in health troubles which is why we got much better organic and safer way to get pure water like by using charcoal activated filter and water bottles which will attract and remove contaminants and toxics etc to provide clean water, isn't that cool?

However, majority of people are not aware and don't use normal or activated charcoal water purification methods instead use RV and RO technologies but as said earlier it removes minerals to big extent, if you're someone who want pure water with minerals at safe WHO standard levels but don't want RO and RV processed water from local metropolitan water supply quality or anywhere else then you have to get natural water directly from start of natural rivers surrounded by mountains or springs where you'll get best quality pure drinkable natural mineral water which are good and improve health effectively.

It's not possible for most people in this world to get natural mineral spring water from the beggining of rivers surrounded by mountains or anything else as 90% percentage of people don't leave near to them like in in metropolitan urban or suburban localities even in rural areas as well even if you live still you may need skills or certain equipments to get best quality water which not everyone can do that process isn't it? but many people like and prefer to drink them everyday.

Usually, mountains and rivers are not available in all countries which is why they are rare and they are hard to climb as well so it's quite adventurous to reach them facing different environment and nature condition to drink natural spring water but now in this modern world of powerful.and advanced technologies of capitalist world as there is huge demand for spring natural mineral water many companies using their resources started packing spring natural mineral water in bottles and then selling in offline and online stores worldwide.

Thankfully, in bharat that is now known as india in english, we have number of sacred rivers and mountains like Himalayas which are well known and one of the tallest and popular mountains where God Shiva reside which are quite beautiful and astonishing including the Himalayas are drained by 19 major sacred rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Bhramaputra etc isn't that amazing as it's fully terrain area and rivers flow through mountains hills you will get best clean and pure quality natural spring mineral water so many indian companies mainly from past few years to started packing and selling them well commercially.

We have numerous brands in india who sell himalayas natural spring water out of them Hege brand seems super value for money then other companies as their way of explanation and process of getting natural mineral water from Himalayas are not just interesting but also spectacular which will amaze you but before getting into more details about Hege let's first know why the prices of natural mineral spring water is high then regular water which you get at low prices easily.

Generally, natural spring water is untouched by humans and processed directly from natural rivers surrounded by mountains or anything else including that they are not processed through reverse osmosis so you'll get high amount of quality and pure minerals and alkaline level which is good for health including that as companies process them near to mountains from areas it is hard to not just make but also transport which is hard and take more time than regular water that's why natural spring mineral water is 50% even more costly then regular water but if you can afford then they are worthy.

When it comes to Hege, foremost as soon as we got to know about Hege himalayas spring water we contacted their customer support and raised our concerns regarding quality and management of Himalayan water by Hege, we really impressed by the customer support who politely and patiently addressed and answered our raised questions to clarify on everything about how they handle Himalayas natural spring water to customers including that they even delivered as sample product so that we can taste and review it, but kindly note we are not paid by Hege, whatever we are now going to say about Hege is based on our personal experience with Hege.

Hege is Untouched and Unprocessed natural mineral water is directly sourced from under earth pools called aquifers near Himalayas springs and mountains which gone through 20 years of journey as acquifers are covered by thick layer of clay that protects water from contamination due to that you'll get crisp and pure natural mineral water which are then filled in one time use recyclable PET aka Polyethylene Terephthalate plastic jars and then deliver to you in 24 hours after payment currently only in some cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad in india.

The main benefits of Hege natural mineral water as it's directly sourced from the 7000m altitude foothills of Himalayas it is pristine and loaded with many essential minerals like calcium - 62, magnesium - 15, bicarbonate - 263, sodium - 27, sulfate - 5.2, chloride - 06, potassium - 2.0, nitrates -1.6 and PH ranges from 7.4 - 7.7 that means TDS aka total dissolved solids are >250 and approx 8.0 alkanity per 20 ltr Bootle which is satisfactory as most other companies offer similar quantity.

You may wonder, what makes Hege different and special from them is they provide you coordinates - 32.2432° N, 77.1892° E,  where they are directly sourcing natural mineral water from Himalayas and lab certification test pdf of it's natural mineral water if required directly from website or call to gain your trust and provide assurance about quality of product sincerly and geniunely.

In our opinion, natural mineral water of Hege as it's from Himalayas is good and we even seen white mineral deposits which confirm that it's natural mineral water as you normally won't get them in regular water but the price though less then other brands at INR 900 which you can get for INR 450 for first time users using TRYME50 coupon code with flexible subscription options and cash on delivery but still it's bit expensive considering in indian market as most people in india don't buy natural spring water, if they want to get more customers then we believe that it's better if they decrease price bit further other then that rest is awesome.

• Hege official support •

Phone : 75699 11111
Website : naturalhege.com

• How to buy Hege Himalayas natural mineral water •

- Go to naturalhege.com/buy then tap on Add to Cart.

- Enter and apply TRYME50 coupon code then tap on Secure Checkout.

- Enter you deliver address details then tap on Continue.

- Select deliver and payment method then review and place order on the go.

Yahoo, once you do, you'll receive confirmation and delivery of product in 24 hours conveniently and comfortably.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Hege website there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want Himayalas natural mineral water at less price than other companies you may definetely may check out Hege for sure.

Overall, Hege website comes with light mode by default it would be better if they dark mode as well, at the end clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Hege website get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it's nice.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Hege is one of the very few companies available out there in india which is selling Himalayas natural mineral water online in numerous cities, yes indeed if you're searching for such platform then Hege has potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is Hege #BeConscious, a company that sells enriched pure and clean Himalayas natural minerals water in india, are you an existing user of Hege? If yes do say your experience and mention why you like and prefer Hege Himalayas natural mineral water in our comment section below see ya :)