8.1+ billion human population as per estimates of united nations and many online websites this year are there in this world at the end each and every human is living being and according to the science and research studies considered as more intelligent and quite capable living being than most other living beings who since ages formed civil society advancing from primitive to modern lifestyle with powerful and advanced technologies living in many parts on planet earth building necessary and essential right infrastructure forming various different cities, states, countries with accepted territories ruling them with their own ideology modern governments like democracy, communism, socialism etc along with judiciary out of them large percentage of people thriving and working towards welfare and for better future of people globally, are you one of them?

Each and every human being is unique with his own brain with different IQ aka intelligent quotient and emotional quotient and memories etc what not in almost everything so at the end despite what they are and how they are in any matter they are in general scientifically human beings so there has to be standard rights for equal treatment and welfare of human beings else they can be exploited unfairly or badly in various unethical manners by force or in any other way to get what they want by certain people, government and society for unacceptable self pleasures like to name few untouchability, no food or water on certain human beings based on their race etc which are not good right? to eradicate such things united nations back in time formed human rights commission who developed some fundamental human rights which must be followed by each and every one in this world, amazing right?

Fortunately, most countries around the world accept and follow all fundamental human rights including that since long time from monarchial to current modern governments many of them based on their state and country geographical, social and political nature over time developed many human rights and incorporated them into their country constitution and judiciary for the welfare of citizens and continuously working on to make and transform them to better ones for the future well being and harmonious growth of society at the end a country government has or follow it's own human rights or not they must accept and follow fundamental human rights provided by UN human rights commission else it will negetively impact that country in many ways like most countries will blacklist that country and don't make any international political and business relations etc to not let that happen most governments atleast publicly state and act that they accept and follow human rights to be in safe zone.

In sense, when a country government, doesn't accept and follow fundamental human rights it will eventually get many various different consequences like in form of criticism, revolts and protests not only from their own people but also from other country governments and people which is not fruitful in this rising era of democracy with free press and large scale globalisation that not just decreases economy but also credibility worldwide which is why majority of countries try their best and make their citizens follow each and every basic fundamental human rights but thing is there are some countries who for whatever reasons under the hood don't accept and follow human rights instead 
they somehow manage to look like they do in public view which work many times but sometimes they get exposed and fail to cover up at that time united nations very likely raise questions and concerns, even close connections and put sanctions etc for the welfare of everyone worldwide.

It's not just about governments since ancient times certain individuals, groups, 
races, religions, creeds, classes, castes, societies etc for whatever reasons don't accept, follow, respect, and even violate basic fundamental human rights of other human beings basically people which are accepted and followed by fellow large percentage of people around the world though over the years thanks to evolution of time many unethical and unacceptable types of governments and ideologies due to various different factors changed and transformed into better and modern ones thanks to a lot of people mainly thinkers  intellectuals, revolutionaries, politicians, bureaucats etc which are eventually got developed in a way to adapt and work for civilized citizens due to that most people around the world now are in such physical and mental state to be able to accept and follow basic fundamental human rights.

But, thing is even now in modern times there are certain percentage of people for whatever reasons mainly self pleasures etc not only don't accept and follow but also violate other people basic human rights though when such things happen to provide justice there are law enforcement agencies setup by governments who can take custody of persons whoever voilated human rights to put charges and punish them strictly as per laws of the judiciary but still there are many people who being aware of laws still knowingly by finding loop holes or in any other ways or means voilate basic human rights of others mainly for personal benefits which can  cause problems and unrest among people so at the end to not let anyone voilate your human rights it's important that you need to take care in every matter as much as possible in this big world on the go.

Privacy provides personal space and security which since ages almost all people like and want to have wherever possible adapting to era since ancient times a lot of people worked on various matters and introduced such systems to provide and respect privacy of each and everyone and eventually privacy become necessary and important thing to most people so united nations recognised that and added right to privacy as one of must have human rights including that a lot of governments for welfare of their citizens also provided many their own country and state specific privacy laws but thing is for whatever reasons in each and every state and era some people or governments try to somehow voilate privacy of others due to that in many scenario's certain people physical and mental state will be at risk so it's very important to protect your privacy  else consequences will follow for sure.

Especially, the emergence of modern electronic and digital technologies in 20th century it's became quite hard to protect privacy as now people and governments etc with the help of electronic and digital technologies like desktops, smartphones and softwares developed using number of programming languages were easily able to spy on people by using device implants or by injecting certain trojans, malware or virus etc in hardware or software system of users so it's important to utilize device carefully and install anti-virus softwares as backup to protect your device and privacy quickly and actively else there are skilled hackers from organisations who by using various spywares can exploit your device data and can live track or surveillance on system usage and movements via screen,  GPS, phone, messages, sensors, cameras, etc anywhere and anytime due to that now it's difficult to protect people's privacy.

When it comes to hardware spyware implants they are expensive and used in rare cases on some people while software based sypwares are common and widely used on most devices though since long time many companies and device makers around the world continuously working and advancing technologies to update and upgrade security of systems and provide top class anti-virus and spyware softwares to detect and remove malicious contents and softwares etc but at the end there is always chance that they may be system or legal loop holes which can be exploited to spy on users including that based on the technologies used by spywares they can be undetectable as well which is why at  present having privacy is quite precious and many people mainly companies spend huge money to hire experts to manage and secure things and do work effectively.

Eventhough, experts mainly from infrastructure and cyber security fields with their expertize and technologies are even able to detect most undetectable hardware and software updates but thing is normal users usually can't or don't hire  experts instead they fully rely on default security systems provided by makers or anti-sypwares to protect data and privacy which work most of time but not always  due to that at some point it may cause personal or financial losses even if you maintain systems carefully in this modern technology world isn't that disappointing?
but wait it's fact that in anyway there is high chance you may hacked by someone that doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful right? the more care and steps you take to protect your hardware or software system the more they're quite less prone to cyber  attacks which is why always try to tighten the security of systems in whichever way possible it will eventually safeguard and may workout and turn fruitful for sure.

There are many different types of electronic devices out of them  smartphones basically handheld multi-touch technology devices evolution of PDAs are widely used by people though there are many operating systems to run on smartphones but free and open source operating system developed and released by search engine giant Google is most popular one which has more than 70% worldwide market share though Google done a lot of developements and advancements to improve security of Android with regular upgrades and monthly security patches but at the end it's not closed source and as past prove that somehow anything in technology can exploited and security can be broken with right technologies so if you own Android don't be over confident on it's security it can be compromised in various ways even if system is totally encrypted easily.

However, on Android and many other operating systems of electronic devices even if it's compromised still you may sometimes won't find signs of malicious intruders or spywares etc though over the years Google integrated many security focused technologies inbuild on Android to restrict and even let you manually check and remove them but still sometimes they may fail mainly when you install certain third party apps and customs roms which may contain malwares that's why it's always recommended to scan them using anti-spyware software before you install them on Android including that though official play store of Google which with modern technologies do scan all apps even notify you about potentially harmful apps but sometimes their system fail as some developers trick them and encrypt sypwares on apps in such ways it's hard to auto detect by Google or anyone else.

Especially, there are many ways spyware can be injected into system software or apps and exploit device like for instance  malicious spyware apps can on live if given permissions or not can secretly take screenshots or record Android screen and remotely send to it's deployer though some times you'll find signs like more data usage or battery etc but sometimes they are not at noticeable and detectable levels and if it's hardware implant you can't do anything with software for that you need expertise on internal hardware to remove it as they are placed strategically in a way that everything feels normal on device but if you really think or wanna stop software based unusual spyware screen sharing then you can simply put to an end to it by blocking screenshot or record permissions of system softwares, amazing right?

We have many ways to stop screen monitoring permissions of sypware system and user apps on Android like by manually disabling all permissions and stop background battery and data usage or you can use VPNs to route unusual traffic or you can even edit apps to remove data trackers and also uninstall them etc whichever you feel are not trustworthy but thing is if you don't want to do any of them yet still want to put an end to all screen sharing spywares then don't worry you're  at right place even then you can do that there are some apps which can block  screen sharing spywares apps out of them we recently found one useful cool app named Screen Protector by using that you can block screenshots and blacken screen recordings of not just spyware but also all Android screen sharing apps in one go to  use system efficiently with privacy, so do you like it? are you interested in Screen Protect? if yes then let's explore.

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Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Screen Protector there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best app to protect from spywares then Screen Protector is worthy choice.

Overall, Screen Protector comes with light and dark mode by default, it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Screen Protector get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it's fantastic.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Screen Protector is one of the very few apps available out there on world wide web of internet that can block and blacken screenshots and records of sypware apps, yes indeed if you're searching for such app then Screen Protector has potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is how you can surveillance of spyware apps on Android using Screen Protector by Mayle Solutions, are you an existing user of Screen Protector? if yes do say your experience and mention if you any way better apps than Screen Protector in our comment section below,  see ya :)