Back in early era of smartphones Android  used to be basic mobile operating system with less features and mediocre GUI aka graphical user interface yet it's great back then as smartphones are basic as well while Android is new and revolutionary one at that time for most people basic Android stuff is enough and satisfactory but as time goes we got way better poweful and advanced amazing technologies in market so makers in order to improve and provide the rising demands of people integrated and adapted them on smartphones and Android due to that now they are modern and feature rich with material GUI design  which can do most tasks of desktops at  the end they are fabulous but good is not good enough right? which is why most makers and users around the world strive hard to make or get better ones, isn't it?

Eventhough, most makers mainly for commercial reasons and to compete with fellow makers continuously working on to improve existing and in parallel inventing and integrating many new super cool modern technologies on mobile operating systems and smartphones to provide way better electronic and digital products to users at the same time progress and be part in evolution of technologies to next level but thing is even if final product is very good still there is always space for improvements including that certain users for whatever reasons like and want to do some or extensive changes on products to get desired results as it improves product with increase in usefulness and flexibility but thing is certain products for various different reasons lock and won't let you  do any changes on ecosystem of product without right keys, dissapointing right?

In sense, there are certain products which by default made in a way like in form of physical design or encryption on electronic and digital technologies to not let anyone except the maker to do any changes like for instance iOS a well known mobile operating system developed for popular iPhone series smartphones by Apple inc. is encrypted and it's code is closed source so unless you get rights or somehow can bypass or decrypt software you won't be able to make changes which does provide more privacy and security to makers and users but it closes space for any further development from people which is good sometimes but not always as if there is open space users can make changes as per them according to situation and time to make it way better than existing one that's why a lot of people like to get open source products, are you one of them?

Android is well known operating system  founded by Andy Rubens but eventually acquired by Google inc. which in order to compete with iOS and iPhone was further developed and then first released on few selected smartphones build in partnership with some company by Google like HTC but unlike Apple inc. in order to grow and widen it's userbase and provide way better user experience to users back in beginning itself Google got one smart idea to publish Android as free and open source software in name of Android open source project inshort AOSP on internet by using that anyone mainly companies and third party developers not just make custom builds of Android with their own optimizations and enhancements but also contribute code to AOSP including that as code is in public domain with transparency it provides way more security thanks to it's flexibility most people like to have Android on devices.

However, even if certain products are made in a way by default to not let anyone make changes still by somehow exploiting in whichever way possible you can make changes on them like when it comes to digital technologies they are basically software developed using programming languages like C, Java, Ruby, Python etc for instance if we look into iOS as said earlier it's closed source encrypted mobile operating system and software so unless with right keys you can't decrypt but thing is at the end it is made up of code and on most products you'll find loopholes also known as bugs on softwares if you find and exploit them you can break system of products that's how third party developers finded way to break iOS to change and remove it's restrictions that method is known as Jailbreak which is continuously being updated by developers to support and break latest iPhone smartphones.

But, in case of Android it's open source thus it's more customizable than iOS on that you won't find hard restrictions which you will get on iOS and you don't have to exploit and break system software to do most things like to name few you can install third party apps from anywhere by simply checking installation from unknown sources option from settings and you can flash custom boot logos and animations and many more with just smartphone or with help of PC at the end such feats are currently not possible on iOS but thing is if you want more customization and change things at system level on Android then you have to install rooting softwares created by third party developers which break and unlock write access on system partition  like SuperSu which is discontinued now but after that we got way better rooting software named Magisk for latest modern smartphones at the end rooting allows you to do things efficiently and extensively.

Anyhow, rooting voids device warranty unless you live in european union inshort eu but if you just want to flash boot logos and animations on Android then as said earlier you don't have to root Android though most people know about boot logos and animations but if you don't then for you in simple they basically show up when you power on smartphone which is sign that operating system is installed and trying to get into it thanks to Google who made many amazing unique boot logos and animations for all Android versions including that as Android is open source OEMs also created and added their own custom boot logos and animations which are nice but thing is for whatever reason if  don't want them instead like to make and add your own custom one but don't know how? then you are now at right place.

There are many root and non-root methods to make and flash boot logos and boot animations on Android powered devices and installation is different which is based on type of processor and Android version and build types etc for instance you may can't apply method and software you used to flash bootlogos on Qualcomm Snapdragon processors on Mediatek and Exynos processors etc as they usually are not compatible and mostly won't work mainly due to different system structure and resources which is why you have to choose and apply right method to flash boot logos and animations else it may softbrick or hardbrick your Android device which is sometimes irreparable so always be careful to not let that happen we tried to provide steps below to flash bootlogos and animations on most processors used on Android devices, so do you like it? are you interested? if yes let's explore more.

• Logobuilder official support  •


• Universal Exynos Param Changer •


• How to make and flash custom Bootlogos on Mediatek powered Android devices •

- First, download your mediatek processor Android device firmware and then extract and save logo.bin on your desktop.

- Now connect your mediatek smartphone to PC and unlock it's bootloader, which wipes data so make sure to backup.

- Open

- Click on LogoBuilder.exe and install it.

- In Logobuilder, tap on Create new project.

- Select your device logo.bin and open it.

- Now select all your bootlogo images, but make sure to make bootlogo images in exact resolution of smartphone else you may probably get blank boot logo.

- Click on Make, it will start creating logo.

- Your custom bootlogo will be saved in desktop directory, check it out.

- Now go to directory of saved bootlogo of logo over there right click and open CMD.

- In CMD, enter and execute command adb reboot bootloader.

- Now, enter and execute command fastboot flash logo | drag and drop custom boot logo from your directory.

That's it, now reboot you'll get custom boot logo.

• How to make and flash custom Bootlogos on Exynos powered Android devices •

- First install custom recovery like TWRP or root your smartphone using Magisk.

- Unzip the template.

- Inside the "param" folder add your designs with valid names.

- Zip again.

- Install by Recovery or Magisk. 

- Share it with any Exynos device 

Done, you successfully created custom bootlogo for exynos smartphones.

• How to make and flash custom Bootlogos on Snapdragon powered Android devices •

- Soon -

• How to make and flash custom Bootlogos on Unisoc powered Android devices •

- Soon -

• How to make and flash boot animations on Android devices •

- Go to bootanimations telegram group.

- Join Cool bootanimations group and channel to proceed further.

- Send Video or GIF, then reply command /b with whatever file name you like.

- It will process and give you download link go to that and download custom boot animations.

- Now open Magisk and install your custom Boot Animations as Module.

Well, you successfully created and flashed custom bootanimations.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of this boot logo and animation maker softwares there may be many hidden features in-build that provides external benefits to give you the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want some best softwares to make and flash bootlogos and animations on Android devices then this softwares are worthy choices.

Overall, many softwares comes with light and dark mode by default, they have clean and simple user interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will they get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now they are fantastic.

Moreover, we are not responsible for anything happened to you by using the above mentioned methods and softwares but they are very few softwares and methods available out there on world wide web of internet to make and apply bootlogos and animations on Android devices, yes indeed if you are searching for such then they definitely have potential to become your new favourite for sure.

Finally, this is how you can make and flash bootlogos and animations on most processors based Android powered smartphones and other devices, are you an existing user of this methods and softwares? if yes do say your experience and mention if you know way better way to flash bootlogos and animations in our comment section below, see ya :)