HTC Dream G1 is the world's first handheld smartphone powered by top search giant Google's free and open source mobile operating system "Android"  developed and released by top search engine giant Google back in year 2008 in partnership with well known Taiwanese mobile maker HTC corporation though Google over past decade to progress and evolve done a lot of developments by adapting to latest technologies on Androd with updates and upgrades to improve as well as advance it further to next level but it is actually founded by Andy Rubens back in year 2003 which was later acquired by Google for $50 million dollors in year 2005 at that time it's quite big investment that eventually turned out fruitful as Android is revolutionary and worked well to compete with Apple inc's mobile operating system
iOS powered iPhone series smartphones and number of other operating system powered devices around the world.

The early first versions of Android 1.0 and it's update Android 1.1 doesn't have any public codenames though some pre-1.0 milestone builds are internally tagged as Astro Boy and Blender but eventually starting from 2.0 Eclair Google started naming each new upgrade of Android with desert names known as code names like Android 3.0 as Honey Comb and Android 4.0 as icecream sandwich and so on with super cool useful new features and bug fixes on new updates and upgrades thanks to that a lot of people like and prefer to get and use Android including that back then Android seems have potential and worthy competitor to Apple inc's closed source operating system "iOS" which is why many mobile makers around the world whoever unable to use iOS or make an alternative mobile operating system in time started using Android building their own custom versions utilizing the Android open source project aka AOSP to powerup their devices and make business with them globally.

Android is free and open source mobile operating system thanks to that most makers were able make and provide smartphones at less price due to that we got to see feature rich less expensive Android powered smartphones where is iOS powered iPhones are quite expensive which is why majority of people around the world like and prefer Android devices over  iOS ones because of that eventually as time goes Android got huge userbase and now has more than 70% marketshare worldwide but thing is though Android is open ecosystem and by default it's more customizable than closed ecosystem "iOS" yet still back in beginning Android used to be basic due to that users won't be able to do much stuff so back then certain users whoever want to somehow get more out of Android started looking for ways at that time as Android is free and open source some developers found methods to root many Android smartphones to customize system well but rooting Android devices voids warrenty unless you live in EU.

In computers you will get open access to system partition and by simply installing or running certain install softwares as super administrator you can do things at core level and customize it extremely and extensively but where is incase of Android powered smartphones though you will get read access to system partition but write access is restricted for device security and privacy to keep you in safe zone which is pretty good but limits many capabilities and capacity of Android smartphones isn't that bit disappointing? which is why many people want to break all the limitations of Android to utilize most functionalities of devices efficiently and effectively so for them as there is demand to supply many third party developers around the world created many amazing rooting methods and softwares like to name few kingoroot, framaroot etc to root number of Android devices in 1 click with or without PC but thing is though they does work and do job well yet still many users want better and more reliable alternative rooting software at that time we got Chainfire's SuperSu.

There are many rooting softwares out of them Kingoroot is top and most popular one which worked well as by using it's app itself users were able to root most Android smartphones in one click within 5 to 10 minutes of time but thing is as time goes Google to progress and evolve done alot of developments on Android with updates and upgrades to improve and advance it to further next level in that process they fixed bugs basically loopholes and tightened the level of security available on Android due to that it become quite hard for Kingoroot and other rooting softwares to root latest versions of Android though there are few rooting apps build to root latest Android versions but thing is most of them used to soft brick Android devices so at that time many people stopped using one click root apps and softwares then started choosing device specific Chainfire's SuperSu root methods from trusted platforms like XDA but thing is for whatever reasons Chainfire discontinued development of SuperSu so a lot of users begin looking for way better  Android rooting software alternative to SuperSu at that time we got Magisk. 

Magisk is free and open source modern systemless rooting software developed by TopJohnWu made to root Android 6.0 marshmallow and above smartphones which is considered as better and best alternative Android rooting software came in replacement of SuperSu that basically modify and patch boot image of Android and can root almost all Android powered smartphones with unlocked bootloader but thing is it doesn't have any one click rooting software instead you must have PC or apps like Bugjaegar with adb tools to simply flash Magisk and root connected Android devices isn't that easy? at the end at present Magisk is quite reliable top and popular Android rooting software widely utilized by people around the world but thing is Magisk is meant for latest Android devices and it patches original boot image to root that compromises device security thus it fail to pass safetynet due to that device and apps detect root thus many apps mainly banking related ones won't run and work well though there are some workarounds to pass Safetynet and hide Magisk root like University Safetynet Fix, MagiskHide, Zygisk, Denylist, MagiskHide
props etc yet still sometimes they do not work which is why some Android users since long time want way better and more sophisticated alternative to Magisk to root Android at that time we got KernelSU.

KernelSU as the name suggests is an kernel based Android rooting software  that injects directly into kernel to handle processes and only work on KernelSU supported kernel Android devices so as you may know kernel work as bridge between hardware and software due to that you will get more reliable root that work much better than patched boot image based root methods like SuperSu and Magisk including that KernelSU as it's kernel based root solution it provides core level device access with anonymity thanks to that you will get more control of root and most devices and apps usually won't be able to detect root thus KernelSU can automatically pass Safetynet including that you will be able to install modules same as on Magisk but the problem with KernelSU is at present it doesn't have wide device support though works best for old and lesser-known devices so you have to choose as per your needs accordingly.

Especially, the main advantage of KernelSU is it's free and open sourced under GPL3 license default bypass Selinux and provide whitelist control so only app that is granted root permission can access "su" other apps cannot perceive su including that KernelSU allows you to customize the uid, gid, groups, capabilities and SELinux rules of su and lock up the root power in a cage isn't that amazing? but the problem here is you can only install KernelSU on supported kernels and the installation process of KernelSU on Android devices is can be complex for newbies as you either have to insall Kernel or complile one yourself according to guide but thing is compiling KernelSU supported GKI kernel is not easy one and things may go wrong unless you're skilled developer with knowledge on structure of Android devices with ability to follow guide and fix things well at the end even if you have manage to get KernelSU just keep in mind KernelSU is on growing community and it does have loopholes like other root softwares which are continuously getting fixed, so do you like it? are you interested in KernelSU ? if yes let's explore more.

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Atlast, this are just highlighted features of KernelSU there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best kernel root solution and alternative to Magisk then KernelSU is on go choice.

Overall, KernelSU app comes with dark mode by default, it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will KernelSU get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it's impressive.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention KernelSU is one of the very few kernel based root solution and best alternative to Magisk available out there on world wide web of internet for Android smartphones, yes indeed if you're searching for such kernel root solution then KernelSU has potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is KernelSU a kernel based root solution for Android smartphones alternative to Magisk, are you an existing user of KernelSU? if yes do say your experience and mention if you know any way better kernel based root solution in our comment section below, see ya :)