East or west "Windows" is one of the best if not the best operating system for PCs and laptops etc developed by Microsoft inc. back in year 1985 founded by William Henry Bill Gates ||| and Paul Allen which is paid closed source and licensed software until you pay and get license you may can't use official software on your devices but it does provide certain windows versions for free with few updates and upgrades due to such facility and many inbuilt cool useful revolutionary technologies marketed with smart strategies in just few years of time Windows got tremendous response and popularity in market worldwide and then eventually went on to become top desktop operating system with approximately more than 40% market share globally utilized by billions of people around the world to do electronic and digital tasks on the go. 

In sense, there are many desktop operating systems yet most people like and prefer to choose Windows as it's been one of the very few active GUI - graphical user interface operating systems in market that gone through continuous developments and improvements over past few decades timely released by reputed multi-national conglomerate "Microsoft" who developed various versions of Windows and allowed anyone to buy license and utilize them on their devices thanks to that many individuals, companies, corporates, enterprises etc started rapidly powering up their devices and begin selling worldwide due to that Windows rised and ranked top of charts in terms of devices and userbase every year as there is huge popularity and demand for Windows to reach people faster most developers worldwide choosed to make softwares for Windows because of that Windows has more number of softwares than any other, isn't that awesome? 

Even though, Apple inc's desktop graphical user interface operating system named MacOS is second interms of global market share just next to Windows and though it is well known top desktop maker founded by Steve Jobs which since long time active in development of MacOS that competing edge to edge with Windows yet for number of decades it's struggling to beat Windows global market share mainly because Apple inc's Mac OS is closed source specifically crafted for their products which are quite expensive and they do not provide either license or software to anyone to use on third party devices at the end it's amazing and connected closed ecosystem due to that a lot of people sticked to MacOS and because of that MacOS was able to rise and sustain in global market where is Microsoft provide many free versions of Windows and it's license is less expensive which can be installed on any devices as there are such benefits and flexibility on Windows most people first prefer to get it on their devices, are you one of them?

Usually, free and open source softwares inshort FOSS has more chances to rank on top of worldwide market share as their source code is in public domain anyone like individuals and companies etc can contribute to it and utilize as it is or build their own version of software to integrate on devices including that foss softwares are transparent so that you can simply examine full code to check and verify it's structure and level of security based on that decide to use or not but when it comes to closed source ones they are encrypted so you won't know what exactly is hidden in code which can cause risk to your privacy and security at the end foss softwares are way better then closed ones for instance if we look in mobile operating systems sector since past decade Android is leading foss software by Google with more than 70% worldwide market share but in case of desktop operating systems sector most foss softwares like Linux failed to beat and surpass Windows.

The reason why even amazing free and open source desktop operating systems like Linux, FreeBSD etc which have quite immense potential yet failed to surpass Windows is mainly because it has strong foundation build over the decades with right marketing strategies by Microsoft inc. who utilised many existing as well as  launched new revolutionary technologies on Windows to make and provide one stop best possible stable up-to-date GUI based personal operating system to users and meet the ever evolving advancements in technology sector and requirements of different types of audience around the world in the process Windows basically simplified usage of operating system on PC with it's very well crafted and designed GUI and technologies for better usability to each customer because of that it reached pretty fast to most people and developers worldwide who not just utilized and made apps but also unofficial custom mods with many additional enhancements to level up Windows and use it more efficiently and extensively to max possible effectively. 

Microsoft Windows over the years with it's  route map and technologies inspired and become model for many other desktop operating systems and since long time Windows played huge role in the digital revolution and evolution of technologies thanks to the efforts of Microsoft team now we got modern technologies and we are able to simply use them on PCs and many other devices because of Windows incredible journey and history it gained  immense popularity and success with  huge loyal fanbase and customers around the world who trust and first preference is to get and load Windows on PCs as there is such demand for it Microsoft working accordingly with updates and upgrades on Windows to satisfy customers regularly.

Even though, Windows operating system have strong hold on desktops but not on smartphones where Android rules market but since early era of smartphones many enthusiasts and people who mainly out of curiosity and to run PC apps want to get Windows on smartphones over Android as there is high demand Microsoft in order to supply and reach more people as well as fill it's lack of presence and build position in mobile business after long time back in year 2011 in partnership with well known top conglomerate Nokia decided to enter in smartphone business with Lumia series powered by mobile version of Windows at first they are massive hit with huge sells worldwide but eventually in the long run due to some mistakes of Microsoft and drawbacks of mobile Windows they have failed to surpass Android smartphones. 

However, Nokia Lumia series are not the first smartphones to have mobile version of Windows prior that itself pioneer of  desktop Windows operating systems Microsoft back in year 1996 developed and released mobile version of Windows utilizing Windows Embedded standared and Compact inshort Windows CE which is flexible and can be used for many devices that eventually used on handheld devices like for personal digital assistants inshort PDAs which at first appeared in year 2000 as Windows Pocket PC that was renamed as Windows Mobile in year 2003 and then as time goes in rise of Google inc. Android and Apple inc. iOS powered smartphones Microsoft in order to tackle and compete with them back in year 2010 announced
super cool Windows Phone series.

In early 21st century Microsoft as said earlier also partnered with struggling top mobile maker Nokia inc. and made Lumia series smartphones at first they got huge hype and sells with praise for top notch hardware as well as software quality but they've not provided user-friendly route structure for third party developers being an closed source software due to that Windows phones got less apps and external development mainly because most people and third party developers either focused on Android or iOS as they're way user friendly and have large userbase due to that Windows Phone sells dropped down to quite big extent except few buys from some customers as there is not even enough sells so eventually Microsoft had no choice other then to close operations of Windows Phone and software updates which was done back in year 2019 since then Windows Phone is officially ended in  market though some people still buy old and refurbished ones mainly because of it's quality hardware and ability to run PC apps but considering the specifications of the latest smartphones and various other factors at present they're not worthy.

If you already own or wanna buy Windows Phone no matter it's worthy or not then you may go ahead and get it thanks to some third party developers online who over past few years done little custom development for Windows Phones due to that you can install Android on number of Windows Lumia smartphones including that you're able to sideload and install some extra PC apps that are not available on official store of Windows Phones so  that you may drag and use them for few more years but thing is majority of people already shifted to Android which has more than 70% worldwide market share and it is  FOSS as well provided user-friendly route structure of it's technologies because of that third party developers and makers not just created millions of apps for Android but also utilised it's Android open source project inshort AOSP to build their own versions of Android known as custom roms including that it has strong custom development from platforms like XDA and 4PDA to further extend functionalities of Android and utilise it more extensively. 

Google over the years done many  developments on it's foss mobile operating system to further improve and advance it to next level due to that it gone through many versions on each new one they added more features and tightened security for better usability and privacy including that in general Google provided Android as open ecosystem and since the beginning they made Android by default very customizable for the benefit and better user experience of users but if you're not satisfied with them and want more then by unlocking bootloader and installing rooting software like Chainfire SuperSu or Magisk etc you can unlock write access to system aka root partition of Android devices where you can modify files to customize system extremely at the end to do all this you either have proper guides or fixes or you may have to be a developer or knowledge on structure of Android else you may do things incorrectly that can hard or soft brick Android device which is sometimes irreparable including that rooting voids device warranty unless you live in European union inshort EU.

But thing is though Android is top foss flexible mobile operating system and it's powered devices are less expensive and more customizable than closed source operating systems like iOS with capacity and ability to do most tasks of Windows desktops in their own way which is why most people want and prefer to use them yet still there are certain people who for whatever reasons want to install Windows or it's desktop apps on Android devices at present it's not directly possible due to a lot of differences in system hardware and software architecture though we are abe to use some launcher apps but they only provide graphical user interface and few non-system functionalities of Windows not all which is quite disappointing isn't it? 

Fortunately, as there is demand and necessity to supply and full-fill many people mainly developers around the world over the years found and made numerous indirect ways to install and run Windows and it's desktop apps on Android devices like to name few casting, screen mirroring from physical desktop Windows or make and run Windows instances on cloud servers then connect to them on Android devices using browsers or apps like RealVNC, bVNC Viewer etc which are good but quite expensive and may always require internet data to connect and work well so it may not suit everyone that's why some people and developers worked and looked for better way to do all this in that process they discovered one way that is currently trending and amazed people with it's technologies is Emulator softwares.

Emulators, have you ever heard about them? if you're an techy then you may probably do? if not then in order to know  about emulators first we have to know how computers came into existence, so foremost as you may know in ancient times most people used to live in rural areas and for living they very much used to mainly rely and do agricultural works at that time most people had to use basic tools to do agriculture or any other works manually which is hard and take long time to get things done but as time goes in the mid 17th century we got to see began of 1st industrial revolution at that time a lot of people started leaving agriculture works and rural areas and then started settling or making rural into urban areas to setup or work in factories at that time to not just simplify but also automate and speed up the process of manufacturing goods a lot of inventors around the world build many quite revolutionary mechanical hardware based machines and technologies.

Mechanical machines and technologies based on pre-configuration can execute and run designated tasks automatically though their emergence dates back to ages with inventions like wheels and simple clock in 13th century but only in time of technological advancements done and occured in industrial revolution they got formed into right shape at that time by using them not just workers in factories but also other people were able to make goods and do other tasks rapidly in large scale efficiently and effectively but thing is due to the ever rising demands for goods in market with allowance and acceptance from state governments for domestic and international exports in this capitalist world made possible by wide range of facilities there is always requirement for more and more workers to make and supply goods in less or right time to customers due to that many companies used to recruit workers in large numbers and make them work for long hours at the same time a lot of inventors and makers to further level up the speed and increase capacity of production of goods not just updated and upgraded existing hardware mechanical machines and technologies but also build many new better ones.

ln the process of continuous developments done by companies and inventors on mechanical machines and technologies they overtime progressed and evolved to reach new levels with better feasibility to work more effectively due to that we got powerful ones so  people like always not just utilised them  in factories but also in other fields and sectors like for instance in transport on vehicles, photography on cameras and many more but thing is early mechanical machines and technologies are not always reliable due to their integral mechanics which are mostly powered and run by physical, steam, gas, liquid energies so many people wanted better more reliable alternative energy to power up and run mechanical machines which can pull them to max possible range at that time back in the mid 18th century we got revolutionary energy named electricity so a lot of people eventually started utilising electricity on them as they use electricity they're known as electronic mechanical machines and technologies which turned out fruitful and useful to humankind around the world.

Electronic mechanical machines and technologies are considered and known as advancement to non-electronic ones and in many ways they worked out better to most people around the world which is why since the emergence of electronic mechanical machines and technologies many people like and prefer to use and stick to them in order to make or do most things and eventually by late 19th century 2nd industrial revolution began at that time most factories and people in large scale started using electronic mechanical machines and technologies to further make and do things more efficiently and effectively due to that as time goes the 
requirement and usage of electronic mechanical machines and technologies kept on rising in market as there is huge demand to supply many companies and inventors over the years done continuous developments and advancements on them to not just update and upgrade them but also build new revolutionary electronic mechanical machines and technologies in that process we eventually got many quite powerful and advanced ones which are now widely utilised by people globally.

Computer is also basically mechanical machine but thing is not all mechanical machines are considered as computer due to numerous differences in concepts and functionalities but almost all mechanical machines in one way or another helped in development and formation of computer which world's first early prototype known as Analytical Engine used to calculate numerical value of trigonometric functions of any formula was built by well known inventor Charles Babbage who introduced concepts and functionalities of Computer by using that we can differentiate between mechanical machine and Computer due to that he is known as father of Computers at first in beginnings Computers used to be mechanical machines which are only able to do basic tasks mechanically but thanks to developments and advancements done by inventors around the world in just few decades we got to see more capable ones and eventually at one point when we got electricity so a lot of inventors and people started utilizing it on computers in that process we got electronic computers which can run tasks mechanically and electronically on the go extensively. 

If there is any technology which turned out super useful and revolutionary then at top there will be computer as it not just simplified but also changed and transformed the way we make and use things in this world immensely but like any new technology in market at first electronic computers used to basic but as time goes eventually to progress and evolve in field of technologies many inventors continuously done a lot of  developments to improve and advance electronic computers in that process by mid 90s we got powerful and advanced electronic digital computers like ENIAC and Atansoff Berry computer etc and eventually we got to see electronic stored program computers like Machester Baby Computer which can process electronic stored programs also known as digital softwares at first they are not visible but later on due to the emergence of visual softwares by connecting CRT or other  supported display screen monitor to visual screening supported digital electronic computers with peripherals like keyboard we not just view or access but also control visual softwares on live accordingly.

Visual softwares like for instance terminal based CLI - command line interface and GUI - graphical user interface operating systems in which you can install and run compatible format software applications at the end both are basically digital softwares created by developers using programming languages like FORTRAN, BASIC, C etc but thing is at some point some inventors thought why not make and play digital game softwares utilizing technologies available on computers so in that process they developed visual moving pictures digital video games at first we used to have very few basic ones of them but eventually developers for various different usage purposes by adapting to latest technologies not just updated and upgraded them but also created many useful and amazing new digital softwares and video games and then released them publicly so that it benefit and get widely utilized by people because of that many old ones are still available to access in few offline and online sources worldwide.

But, thing is though in mid 19th century itself we got to see many visual digital softwares and video games yet at that time electronic computers used to be quite expensive and large like in size of car or big room due to that it was very much  limited to some people and companies like IBM who used to afford and own most computers but thing is a lot of people like and want to own computer to not just use it's hardware but also it's digital softwares and play video games as there is demand to supply and make computers in a way to be reachable for everyone many inventors inventors and companies for number of decades by adapting to numerous latest technologies done a lot of updates and upgrades on computers to advance and improve them in that process by late 90s we got small size electronic computers known as personal computers inshort PCs they'll fits in small space like on table so that most people can carry and use them on the go conveniently and comfortably.

However, though by late 90s era itself we got to see compact small size PCs but still the price of them used to be expensive so most people were unable to afford them instead many of them used to work with them in offices or lend PCs from someone who already own to use digital softwares and play video games even people used to pay and use PCs in some stores like we now use internet in Cyber Cafes at the end all this process is inconvenient so a lot of people wanted low price affordable home PCs to use them conveniently as there is demand thanks to huge competiton in this capitalist world many inventors eventually made and released affordable PCs back in year 1970s yet still there are some people  for whatever reasons can't get or afford them out of them many people just only want to play digital video games of PC not softwares at low price possible as there is requirement to full-fill back in year 1971 inventors Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney in partnership as Syzygy engineering made and released the world's first arcade video game machine named Computer Space.

Computer Space is revolutionary affordable arcade machine which comes with pay and use model specifically made for business owners to use in malls and stores etc where people can go and use them to play computer digital video games for some time but thing is eventually for whatever reasons Computer Space got  losses and it's founders went on to found a gaming company named Atari though Computer Space is failed product yet it's something definitely remarkable and has future which is why number of companies utilised and got inspired by the template and technologies of Computer Space created their own arcade video game machines at first they are basic but eventually many inventors and companies continuously done a lot of developments on arcade video game machines with many updates and upgrades to improve and advance them further to next level in that process we got quite powerful and advanced arcade machines with their own custom video games which are widely used and played by people globally. 

Arcade video game machines amazed and worked like wonder and saviour to many people to relax and enjoy who's life became busy due to work or for whatever reasons can't or unable to play physical games including that mainly most kids, children, teens who usually have more free time not just show interest but also like and want to play digital video games over physical ones due to that in just few years demand and market for arcade machines and it's video games grown exponentially but thing is at the end they're not one time purchase and it's not always possible to go somewhere to get arcade machines and play video games right? including that they are big and not made for homes so even if you have space and got them placed in your arena after that you may have to spend more time and spend high maintenance fees else they won't work well which is why a lot of people wanted better and more comfortable way to play video games as there is demand to supply back in year 1972 Magnavox developed and released fantastic world's first video game console named The Odyssey. 

Magnavox's The Odyssey is revolutionary home video game console which is small size so you can simply move and use it almost everywhere even connect it to television and play it's video games using joystick controller isn't that amazing? but at the end due to some reasons eventually it's failed but it's something remarkable and has future like Computer Space which is why many companies utilised and got inspired by template and technologies of Magnavox The Odyssey created and released their own home video game consoles at first they are basic but many inventors and companies to progress and evolve done a lot of developments with updates and upgrades on home video game consoles to improve and advance them further to next level in that process now we have powerful and advanced modern home video game console like PlayStation and Xbox they have fabulous games which are better and some of them are not even available to play on PCs. 

Majority of people switched to home video game consoles from arcade machines as they're much way better easy to use and flexible ones but thing is by year 1990s PCs become more affordable including that we also got to see emergence of  world wide web basically to access public internet which is revolutionary so large percentage of people started buying and using PCs mainly to get access to internet, in addition to other softwares and games etc but thing is PCs though compact size not handheld devices so you can't simply move and use them on go which is why a lot of people wanted better way alternative to use them as there is demand to supply some companies developed and released revolutionary handheld PCs also known as personal digital assistants inshort PDAs which are good but they got less userbase as most people didn't show much interest into them instead preffered regular PCs to utilise softwares and mobile phones to communicate with people worldwide.

Mobile phones are basically evolution of Telephones at first most of them are wired and big in size but over the years many inventors and companies done a lot of  developments and advancements on mobile phones due to that by 20th century we got to see small size wireless keypad mobile phones with ability to install and run small tiny size operating systems and apps but thing is they are no match for PCs so a lot of people wanted way better alternative to them as there is demand to supply Apple inc. back in year 2007 developed and released revolutionary world's first multi-touch technology smartphone named iPhone which is basically evolution of PDAs and mobile phones though world's first smartphone is IBM (SPC) but iPhone can be said as first modern one and thanks to it's quite path breaking technologies a lot of people want to own and use it though it's expensive product and eventually many companies around the world to compete with iPhones and make business started making and releasing less expensive smartphones. 

iPhone smartphone's hardware and software basically it's operating system which they eventually named as iOS is advanced and awesome but it's closed source and ecosystem so no one can use it on their devices unless they get proper license from Apple inc. who since the beginning didn't provided that to anyone due to that back then most mobile makers wanted alternative operating system that's better than iOS though top mobile makers like Nokia and Samsung can make super high quality smartphones but thing is they used to struggle in finding and making finest mobile operating system as it's not easy and usually may take years to build proper one for their smartphones that can match level of range and technologies of iOS at that time fortunately in just 1 year back in year 2008 top search engine giant Google developed and released free and open source software named Android.

Android is open source mobile operating system which source code was released as Android open source project inshort AOSP so anyone can use it thanks to that many developers and companies by using AOSP build their own versions of Android to power up devices as Android is free it's powered smartphones are less expensive and affordable so most people around the world preferred to buy and use Android smartphones over iPhones due to that in just few years Android got huge userbase and eventually became global top mobile operating system which now has more than 70% worldwide market share but  thing is at first most Android or any other operating system powered smartphones used to be basic isn't it? and as time goes many inventors and companies around the world to progress and evolve done a lot of developments with updates and upgrades on smartphones to improve and advance them further to next level in that process by 21st century we have quite powerful and advanced modern smartphones.

Now a days, majority of people around the world widely using handheld modern smartphones more than PCs as they can do almost all tasks of PC in it's own way but thing is at the end due to system  hardware and software architecture differences you can't directly install and run PC's operating systems and apps on smartphones and vice versa but you can indirectly do that by utlilizing emulator softwares so if you're someone who for nostalgia or whatever reasons wanna use old desktop or mobile operating systems and apps then now it's better to not buy old PCs or smartphones as most makers stopped making new ones long time ago which are rare now though you may get some used or refurbished ones from few online or offline sources but they're quite expensive and not worthy to most people unless you're an collector and trying to preserve them which is why incase if you are someone who just out of curiosity or casually wanna use old desktop or mobile operating system and apps then it's better to use emulator softwares as at present we have such ones which can play almost all desktop or mobile operating systems and apps easily for paid and free. 

Emulator softwares basically create and provide virtual environment by emulating system hardware and software of PC's or smartphones etc digitally inside it's software which is basically like nutshell same as operating system, virtual machine etc so that you can simply but indirectly able to install and run other devices different architecture operating systems or apps but thing is currently most emulator softwares are developed and released by third party developers who usually are not associated with official makers so they're considered as unofficial emulators including that emulation of hardware and software is quite hard and difficult as third party developers don't get any help from official makers due to that from scratch they most likely have to make each and every file and technologies and then debug to fix bugs by themselves or based on feedback from users which usually take long time that's why a lot of unofficial emulators stay in  early access, alpha and beta stage for few years and struggle to become stable one. 

Thankfully, from past decade many developers to fastrack development of their unofficial emulators releasing their software code as free and open source through public repositories on contributive development platforms like GitHub and GitHub etc due to that they've become transparent so that anyone from internet can check the code to verify it's level of authenticity and security based on that decide to use or not at the same time as software code is in public domain anyone can commit their own code to update or upgrade them that speed up development and advancement to big extent thanks to that now a days in less time we're able to see stable versions of unofficial emulators including that there are numerous benefits with open source unofficial emulators like since long time many developers by using source code not just able to port unofficial emulators of PCs to smartphones and vice versa but also develop their own custom versions of unofficial emulators by adding additional enhancements as they want or like mainly to optimize or improve based on needs accordingly, fabulous right?

Unfortunately, most unofficial software emulators are only available for PC as since long time and at present PCs are more quite powerful and advanced than smartphones which can handle things better due to that many third party developers specifically like and prefer to focus on making of unofficial software emulators for PCs over smartphones but thing is as said earlier many mobile makers around the world as time goes from past decade continuously kept on updating and upgrading hardware and software of smartphones as per usage requirements of people by adapting to latest technologies due to that now we got to see powerful and advanced modern smartphones which are in range of PCs including that a lot of people want PC's unofficial software emulators on their smartphones as there is huge demand and quite capable smartphones from past few years many developers also like and want to focus on making new ones or port PC's unofficial emulators for smartphones due to that now most unofficial emulators are available for smartphones yet some high tech ones are still not available which may be so soon available in future for sure.

The world's first emulator is built by IBM corporation back in year 1963 on their IBM System/360 computers after that many companies build their own emulators for their computers and other devices at first most emulators used to be basic but eventually many inventors and companies to progress and evolve done a lot of developments by adapting to latest technologies with updates and upgrades on emulators to improve and advance them further to next level in that process now we got powerful and advanced modern emulators though at first emulator softwares are limited to computer desktop operating systems and apps but eventually by early 20th century many developers as there is demand to supply developed and released number of amazing emulator softwares to run arcade machine and home console video games on PCs.

Many third party developers around the world over the years done a lot of developments and advancements on arcade and home console video game emulators thanks to that by early 21st century we got to see many powerful and advanced ones not only for PCs but also for smartphones but thing is back in 20th century most emulator softwares which can emulate other devices operating systems and apps used to be only available for PCs like for instance to name few popular ones VMware, BlueStacks while VMware can emulate desktop operating systems as well as softwares then comes BlueStacks which emulate Android operating system and apps on PCs but thing is many people want to emulate desktop operating systems and softwars on smartphones as well due to lack of such emulators some people used to struggle and as there is no option used to rely to PCs but now in 21st century from past few years as there is demand and requirements to full-fill some third party developers created and released some unofficial emulators to emulate desktop and mobile operating systems and apps on smartphones, isn't that fascinating?

Apple inc's iPhone series smartphones hardware and operating system named iOS is closed source and encrypted so unless you get proper license or decrypt it you can't emulate iOS on other devices which is hard and difficult thing that's why most developers not yet able to make softwares to emulate iOS instead they focused on Android as it's open source operating system many third party developers already created and released numerous unofficial emulators to run CLI and GUI desktop operating systems and softwares on Android powered smartphones like Limbo, Exagear and many more at first they used to be basic but eventually many inventors and companies to progress and evolve done a lot of developments by adapting to latest technologies with updates and upgrades to improve and advance them further to next level in that process now we got many powerful and advanced modern emulators but thing is at the end if you just want to specifically emulate Windows operating system and apps on Android devices then at present Winlator Emulator is trending online.

Recently, we got to know about an free and open source unofficial emulator named Winlator developed and released by Brunodev85 which is specifically crafted to run Windows operating system by using that you can simply install and run x64 and x86 bit apps and games with Wine and Box86/Box64 on Android smartphones but if you for whatever reason can't or don't want to use Winlator or any other emulator softwares instead needed better alternative way to somehow run Windows on Android then you may dual boot Windows on Android at first only PCs used to be able to dual boot desktop or mobile operating systems on PCs but eventually we got dual boot functionality on Android devices as well at first they used to only able to dual boot Android operating system custom roms but eventually some third party developers created and released free and open source Renegade Project by using that you can install and run Windows 10/11 on some  arm64 bit Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset Android powered smartphones though the installation procedure is not easy one. 

if your Android smartphone or chipset is not available in supported list of Renegade Project and there is other way available to somehow dual boot or install and run Windows on Android then it's better to use emulator softwares though we have many of them mainly closed source ones like Exagear to run Windows and it's apps but the problem here with closed source softwares is as their code is encrypted  you won't know if developers of them integrated any malicious code inside them unless you can decrypt or properly scan them through antivirus softwares which are sometimes undetectable that can cause risk to your privacy and security where is free and open source ones code will be in public domain so they provide transparency thus you'll be able to check and assure of it's authenticity and level of security based on that decide to use or not which is why it's better to go with free and emulator like Winlator Emulator to always stay in safe zone so do you like it? are you interested? if yes then let's explore more.  

• Winlator Emulator official support •

• How to download Winlator Emulator •

it is very easy to download Winlator Emulator from these platforms for free. 

• How to install and run x86 and x64 apps and games on Winlator Emulator with key features and UI / UX overview •

First download the OBB file (main.1.com.winlator.obb) 

Now put obb into the directory /storage/emulated/0/Android/obb/com.winlator (create it if it doesn't exist)

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Winlator emulator there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best emulator to run x64 and x86 apps and games on Android then at preseht Winlator is on go choice.

Overall, Winlator emulator comes with light mode by default, it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but there is always space for improvement thus let's wait and see will redream emulator get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it's pretty nice.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Winlator emulator is one of the few Windows operating system emulator emulator available out there on world wide web of internet for Android smartphones, yes indeed if you're searching for such us emulator then Winlator has potential to become your new favourite for sure.

Finally, this is how you can play x86 and x64 bit Windows operating system apps and games on Android using Winlator emulator, are you an existing user of Winlator emulator? If yes do say your experience and mention if you know any better emulator in our comment section below, see ya :)