Anything, around you which you see, touch and use doesn't exist without space right? we scientifically don't yet know how much space is available in this universe, but we humans were able to use whatever space available to us according to our needs in whichever way possible accordingly, to store or move things in space area right?
living beings mainly humans since they came into existence utilized whatever space available to their reach in whichever way possible extensively by making boundaries in order to do constructive operations, for example : people not just occupied space on earth by themselves, but also created new things out of existing ones to occupy more space at the same time created their own many different type and layout structure on existing space for various purposes like for instance in form of homes, stores, underground basements, tunnels and pipes etc, isn't that right?

In sense, space is basically empty area that can be occupiable by things, which distance, height, width is measurable thanks to our formulas and calculations, so based on that we can build layout on top of space with things to add boundaries and then occupy and use accordingly, for example to understand better let's say there is 10 miles of empty space, if it can be seen and accessible then you may able to measure it by yourself or with external technologies and based on it's coverage area you can divide by adding boundaries  on top of it inside already existing space boundaries to see or do desired things, in simple if you draw or build square, traingle or rectangle etc shaped lines or structure basically build layout on top of space then whatever space radius inside of lines or structure basically layout can be occupied till it's limits set by boundaries so that as per your requirements you may be able to better manage existing space on go.

If we say space then it must have boundaries as without it we can't call it as space, basically space is determined by it's boundaries so if the space you have has square shaped layout boundaries then whatever things you want to put or move inside of space area has to be placed and settled as per it's boundaries, for example : let's say there is traingle shaped layout boundaries on top of space due to that  inside space will have traingle shaped radius, in simple if there is traingle shaped layout on top of space and if you stuff some material on space radius inside of 
traingle shaped layout boundaries to it's max limit then whatever materials that you stuffed inside of space radius will be limited to it's boundaries due to that whatever stuffed materials inside space radius will simply form shape of traingle,
but that will only happen when traingle shaped layout boundaries are stiff and have capability to hold whatever stuffed materials inside space radius well.

But, thing is when whatever stuffed material inside the space radius of traingle or any other shaped layout boundaries is  more then limits of space radius then it can break layout boundaries, there after stuffed material may go out of it's space radius and material may loose it's shape, which is why when building layout on top of space, it's important to take care of layout design, material and technologies as per your requirements well to get the desired outcome else it may go wrong, like for example : if we take any shape rubber balloon and fill it with air, water or any other material then the rubber balloon can expand 5 times bigger then it's original size as rubber material is elastic in nature isn't it? but if we take a paper balloon and fill with same materials in same quantity of rubber balloon, will it be able to hold and expand size? Definitely not right? As paper material is made by wood which is usually not elastic in nature due to that when you stuff some material in paper balloon more then it's space radius and holding capacity limits, then the paper balloon material layout boundaries will break and whatever stuffed material that was inside of paper balloon may go out of it's position or loose it's shape for sure.

The space radius size inside of layout boundaries is as important as the layout material type and it's quality as the bigger the size of space radius in 360°, the more things you'll be able to put and move inside of space radius, which is why if you have bigger things to manage then you may need sufficient large space radius inside of layout boundaries else managing things can become bit difficult and you may eventually have to found much bigger space radius for sure, for example : let's say there is like 10 meters distance space with only 5 meters height and width in that scenario you have a pole which height is 10 meters and you want put that in stand in posture on 5 metre height space radius,  Will you be able to do it? It's not possible isn't it? As the space radius which we have has insufficient height space radius, but in that situation we may instead able to fit up pole in flat position as per the distance of space radius right? That's why at the end you have to choose and get space radius and it's layout structure boundaries as per your needs as well as the shape and size of things to manage space effectively.

When you have sufficient space radius, you'll be able to store and manage things quite conveniently, if you do not have sufficient space radius you'll get space shortage issues which makes it difficult and hard even impossible to store and manage certain things which are bigger than size of your space radius, that's why it's always important to have enough space radius else you may struggle and face issues to do things later in future, anyway as said earlier there are different types of space but the one that we said above is physical one which is visible that you can simply feel and see with your eyes isn't it? when you build layout boundaries  on top of space and then from outside of layout boundaries, will you be able to see and check space radius? It's not possible isn't it? unless the layout that we build on the top of space is transparent right? If it's not then you have to manually go inside of layout boundaries to see, check, manage things available on your space radius.

You may think it's no big deal to enter inside of layout boundaries to see things available on space radius, it may be not if space radius is small in size but if it's large then it will be pretty difficult to see and track them which is why if you're someone who for whatever reasons or purposes have to check space radius regularly then it's better to have transparent layout boundaries, if you don't have still you'll be able to check and manage space radius using certain tools and technologies that we build over the years specifically for this like by noting placements and names of things available on space radius so that when you enter space radius the very next time you will be able to find them quickly and then comes high tech robots and live surveillance cameras by using them you will not only able to check and keep track of things available on your space radius but also move, destroy, damage, change, modify and transform things efficiently.
We as said earlier there are different types of space isn't it? The above one which we discussed is about physical space that you may feel and see around you, now we got our basics about space, so now in the context of this article, let's move on to digital space which has some features and characteristics of physical space but it is  in digital form so you can't directly feel or see it instead many supported electronic devices like personal computers, PDAs, smartphones etc were able to feel, detect, access, and see digital space provided in various electronic technology products like memory cards, pendrives, HDDs, SDDs etc when connected to them so by utilising such electronic devices, you can simply access and experience the digital space but wait it will be not like physical space, you can't directly view, occupy and do anything on digital space radius even if digital space providing electronic product is openly transparent in physical space.

Even though, technically digital space is also part and is on top of physical space but we can say digital space is different or parallel universe inside of physical space with it's own nature, environment, limits, controls, capacity and technologies etc,  digital space at present is only able to store digital format files, at the end digital space and anything thing that occupies it  usually will be in binary format which will be in  two digits 0, 1, 1,0 that humans can't translate which is why we use electronic devices, they can read and understand binary format and convert it to human readable format so that you will be able to better manage digital space well, but wait you can't simply right out access and see digital space by connecting it's providing gadget to electronic device instead you have to use softwares developed using programming languages like C++, Java, Python, Go etc as bridge to connect and do anything on digital space, gotcha?

Softwares are also digital things which are stored in digital space, but when executed they by using necessary device drivers and hardware technologies will act as layer of bridge between electronic device and digital space to show you everything about digital space and whatever digital things occupied it's digital space radius vividly, the softwares which let you connect, access, view and do anything on your digital space from electronic devices are popularly known as file managers and file explorers, thought we already have a lot of file managers available for most electronic devices but finding quite right best and advanced file manager for smartphone can be challenging task for sure isn't it? If you are looking out for some pretty good file manager for smartphone then you're now at right place, recently we got to know about amazing feature rich file manager named Owl Files for smartphones that not just let you connect with your device local digital space but also access network shares, cloud servers and cloud storages etc, so do you like it? are you interested in Owl Files? If yes then let's explore more.

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Atlast, this are just highlighted features of OwlFiles, there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best feature rich awesome file manager then Owlfiles is on go best choice.

Overall, OwlFiles comes with light and  dark mode by default, it has clean and simple intuitive interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will OwlFiles get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it's fabulous.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention OwlFiles is one of the very few file manager available out there on world wide web of internet for smartphones which allows you to connect with not just cloud storages but also cloud servers including AWS using various types of connection protocols, yes indeed if you're searching for such file manager then Owlfiles has  potential to become your new favorite.

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