From silent black and white films to 4k+ resolution ultra high defination 10bit films, as time goes thanks to evolution of many technologies over the years due to them film production came a long way, in sense we got to see timely emergence of many revolutionary technologies over the years in each and every era, in the process of adapting and utilizing them the way film makers make and show films to viewers changed accordingly for the benefit of them and audience including that many technologies over the years directly or indirectly increased market value of film industry around the world which now in 21st century digital era worth billions of dollars, as there is huge market value and reach for films globally, many companies and individuals for passion or to somehow get benefitted from films investing a lot of money in producing and releasing of films, mainly to generate profitable revenue, due to that over the years we got to see many big budget films out of them some are hit and some are flops at the box office.

In sense, since long time many companies and individuals willing to spend a lot of money in producing films as there is huge scope and potential to them, when films are in public domain they can impact people around the world in various different ways based on genre and content of film like inspire, motivate, educate, spread awareness, horrify, laugh, influence and many more, while makers can show, promote, advertise, whatever they want in films to get desired return outcomes like response, engagement, fame and generate revenue from viewers as additional bonus etc, so basically at the end both makers as well as viewers have mutual benefit in context of films, which is why global film industry continuously rising up and evolving to new levels constantly for the benefit of all, in the process over past few decades we got to see different modes and names in publication of films based on their medium and run time like movies, cinemas, web series, tv shows, short films, and serials, etc isn't that interesting?

Films are basically medium to share visual content in that sound content can be added to present way better and detailed information and experience to watching audience, people through films can share content filled with information related to anything, thought there are many people who get into film industry primarily see it as worthy tool to only make big sum money, but at the same time thanks to impact of films from past few centuries around the world due to that in the back end there are a lot of people who primarly get into film industry not for money but only for their passion towards films in order to mainly show off their talent and skills, knowledge, craftsmanship etc in  form of actors, actresses, directors, producers, technicians etc, at the end undoubtedly because of combination of both money and passion minded people, film industry growing well else it wouldn't as lacking any of them will result in poor performance of film industry globally.

If there is passion then the maker can create good quality content films but without money it's hard for maker to create rich content films as making certain films need big budget to get desired outcome, as rich film making is expensive, makers rely on big investors basically producers to full-fill their budget requirements in order to make films, for suppose if producer is not money minded then producer may not invest and manage making of film well in right direction to get desired output and drive film to generate profits which can result in financial losses that can lead to bankruptcy and eventually may trouble producer career in film industry, at the same time in parallel if the maker like director don't have passion in making of film then even if there is big budget for film still output quality of film will be poor which is not beneficial for producer, maker, audience, so it eventually may trouble, maker career in film industry as well which is why money minded and passionate people in balance proportions for sure necessary in any film industry.

Even though, if there is only money mindset in producer and only passion in maker then as said earlier it works but in reverse it may not work well as for producer having only passion is not enough at the same time for maker having only money mindset is not enough in the execution and making of film, due to their different working structure and end result goals, but having both money mindset and passion in producer and maker in context of films then it is considered as fabulous combo as such people may work more unitedly in making of film and drive it in right direction and get best possible quality output of film, which is why makers wish to have money mindset passionate producers and vice versa, thought money is not always driving force for certain percentage of passionate producers and makers, but money as reward to efforts can give required boost and work as an 360% shield on the maker in society which give self reliability, confidence and better life etc due to that they will be able to perform better in making of films and maker may continuously try to improvize the craft to get more and more rewards in form of money or anything else worthy.

However, it doesn't always mean if there is money minded passionate producer and maker then whatever film they made will be successful, as only making of film will be in control of them, and once film got released and it's available in public domain then the success of film is determined by how many people watched, liked and rated film and how well film in short and long run performed at the box office basically collections, which is why since the early days of films, majority of producers and makers used to spend a lot of money and time in advertising and promoting their films so that their films will reach to more people worldwide, thought if film really have potential content then it will get organic reach but still if possible doing advertisements and promotions for film is beneficial for sure, because sometimes for whatever reasons even good films don't get reach organically, that's why as maker despite your film turned out good or bad in your view still spreading the word of your film as much as possible at your best in your decided budget and capacity is quite important and necessary because now a days a lot of films release ever day around the world and there is huge competition in film industry, due to that if your film have low budget and it's not good enough then it's difficult & hard for film to get enough limelight, so it's better to spread the word of your film since the start of film making to attract audience so that after release of film you may get to see audience already waiting to see your film quite eagerly.

Camera, do you know what exactly is it? You may probably do isn't? If you're watching films that's because we have cameras as films are basically recorded physical, electronic, digital foot print of real life thing captured using camera, In the early era camera used to be basic and theatres used to be only medium for films to show them to audience but eventually as time goes due to the evolution of technologies and demand for much better cameras and mediums for films, in that process in each decade we got to see new type of cameras and mediums to show various types of films like 2D, 3D, 4D, etc, and by 20th century we got to see super cool powerful and advanced professional modern DSLR cinema cameras to capture films vividly and amazing mediums to show films to audience like mult-plexes, television, home theatres, computers and mainly smartphones thanks to them a lot of people were able to capture, show and see films conveniently at their comfort zone easily and efficiently on the go.

The latest camera and medium technologies to capture and show films have increased reach of films to audience quite effectively, thanks to efforts of inventors and films makers in utilizing them for the mutual benefit of them and people around the world, at present film industry is big deal, many people have dreams and work hard to get into and make career in film industry, back in early 19th century due to basic cameras and only medium is theatres to show films, it used to be hard and difficult to get into film industry but now in this modern digital era we have super high quality cameras and awesome electronic as well as digital technologies at palm of your hands in form of smartphones which are available at cheapest price in market, due to that even the person who have poor financial condition if have potential and smart skills may somehow get into film industry and may make sensational films for sure.

If you are an aspiring film maker and already in the making of films, then you may probably know film making is big process and from start to finish has to be done carefully like from writing of script, direction, cinematography, photography, dance, music, costumes, editing and pre production etc, there is a lot of stuff behind the making of films, so they have to be managed well right? Back in early era of films people used to remember or write whatever things necessary for films on paper notes but now in this digital age we have fantastic softwares by using them you can manage making stuff of films easily isn't that amazing? There are many film making stuff management softwares out of them we recently got to know about an all in one solution comprehensive film pre-production management or you may call companion app named Studiovity for smartphones, so do you like it? are you interested? If yes let's explore more.

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Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Studiovity, there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the worthy pre-production management app then Studiovity is on go choice.

Overall, Studiovity comes with dark mode by default, it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Studiovity get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it's pretty impressive.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Studiovity is one of the very few comprehensive feature rich pre-production management app for films available out there on world wide web of internet, yes indeed if you are searching for such app then Studiovity definitely has potential to become one of your new favorite.

Finally, this is Studiovity, a cross platform film pre-production management app, It has modern UI/UX of the screenplay editor with both dark and light writers' focus themes on all your devices to enhance your scriptwriting experience andi has suite of many tools to empower your film production, isn't that fabulous, are you an existing user of Studiovity? If yes do say your experience? And mention your user experience with Studiovity in our comment section below, see ya :)