Let's say for instance there are thousand important things belong to you and even being having choice to put all of them in one place for whatever reason you still kept them at different places thought you may be capable of finding them and you done that a lot of times but thing is one day you felt that this way bit difficult and hard and eventually you found that some most important and crucial things for your life which you stored got damaged or lost due to various reasons and then later you regret decision made and felt if I keep all my things organized at one place it will be clear and easy for me so eventually you've done research and build required capable infrastructure to make that possible and it turned out as cool and super useful.

In life you'll find a lot of people who for various reasons keep things organized 
before or after facing troubles as since long time we know the fact keeping our things well organized at one place will workout and elders also recommend the same if we take technology as example you may know there are so many important inventions developed by inventors around the world which were carefully picked by people and companies according to requirements and necessity then they either organize or combine them together to make wide range of products mainly electronic and digital ones as if variety of technologies available on one platform it will be easy for users to access and utilize functionalities on go.

In sense, almost everywhere you'll find things at different places scattered around you or anywhere else until or unless you organize or combine them you may not feel convenient and comfortable or may not be able to use them effectively and efficiently that doesn't mean you have to do it always there are certain things which work better if we scatter and keep them at different places that's why always before you organize or combine any physical or digital thing make sure to do well research and test them to find out odds as if you do any kind of incompatible wrong organize or combination of physical or digital things may end up causing small or big troubles to product or project now or in future.

In 21st century modern era digital technology basically softwares developed using number of programming languages like C, C++, Python etc are vastly spreaded all over the world which are widely used on almost all electronic devices like PCs and smartphones etc by using them you can do various types of real life tasks digitally and electronically right from your location easily and efficiently but thing is have you ever wondered what actually happening in backend that making all this possible? It's code packed into different format digital files thought most developers in process usually try to organize and combine them well to get best possible result that's how we got many advancements in technology but sometimes developers forgot or don't this enough which are quite essential for software or other digital tech products.

The reason why developers organize and combine things well in digital technology products is because computer basically operating system understand and process them better then irregular and scattered ones for instance Windows is well known most popular desktop GUI aka graphical user interface operating system developed by Microsoft Inc. which has thousands of digital files created by developers who categorically placed them at different folders and system partitions as per pre-design to make operating systems work well on most devices and Microsoft over the years as per their own tests and users feedback done a lot of developments on Windows like revamp, organize, combine a lot of files to make it more modern and fit for everyone but thing is still some people didn't feel sufficient and satisfied out of them some started making own organized and clean third party versions of Windows which are way better than official itself.

When it comes to Android a foss aka free and open source operating system owned and currently developed by Google inc. which you may probably already using now on your smartphones or other electronic devices as at present Android has more than 70% worldwide market share which over the years gone through a lot of developments from Google as well as contributions from developers around the world thought Android is pretty good but good is not good enough right? there are some which are not added, organized and combined well on Android so many third party developers from platforms like XDA who are not satisfied with Android used AOSP aka Android open source project to build better well organized and combined feature rich third party Android custom roms for the benefit of users globally.

Eventhough, there are some Android based custom roms which are way better organized and combined interms of user software than stock one thanks to skilled developers but the path breaking and core changes are mostly done by Google which must be followed by anyone who want to build or use Android on electronic devices back then in time of Android 7.0 nougat and before Android system files used to be at different locations on software due to that device firmware or you may say computer used to bit struggle to find, understand and process them even if one file miss used to make soft or hardbrick device so issue was eventually addressed by Google and then to make system files organized and simple for most devices they introduced dynamic partitions from Android Oreo and project treble where you'll get super.img in which all system files are packed inside so that device can handle them easily and effectively.

Google back in year 2017 introduced Android Oreo 8.0 and Project Treble that provide GSI aka generic system image which is pure implementation of Android without code changes in which you'll get dynamic partitions basically super.img so almost all Android devices which support Treble can run latest Android updates and upgrades without involvement from device makers thought super.img work is simple it stores system files inside but it has a lot of benefits to name few super.img is able to switch slots on A/B partition devices including that you can simply change any wrong or not working file in it like vendor to repair corruptions and flash firmware, GSIs or custom roms Isn't that fabulous? 

Nowadays thought most makers using super.img on it's devices but some old devices and few makers using payload.bin like Xiaomi and oftp format like realme to pack system files which are actually copy of super.img but in order to extract  payload.bin you need python packages and oftp require Mtk oftp bypass which usually require PC but if you don't or can't use PC for whatever reason and like or prefer smartphone to extract and get system files inside payload.bin not oftp then you can simply use termux following step by step instructions provided below carefully, so do you we you attention? are you interested? If yes let's explore more.

• Termux official support •

• How to download Termux •

It is very easy to download Termux from these below platforms for free.

Note :  don't download termux from google play for it won't work for this.

• How to extract Android payload.bin to get image files using Termux with UI/UX Overview •

- Go to Payload Dumper GitHub in desktop mode on browser then tap on Code.

- Now Download ZIP.

- Now extract payload_dumper-master in internal storage of your device.

- Long press folder to rename.

- Rename payload_dumper-master to payload then tap on OK.

- Now go to your stock firmware, GSI or custom rom than simply extract it.

- Once you extract you'll get payload.bin copy to payload folder in internal storage.

- Here is your payload.bin

- Open Termux, then enter and execute command pkg install python -y

- Enter and execute commamd pip install --upgrade pip 

- Enter and execute command apt update && apt upgrade -y

- Enter and execute command termux-setup-storage

- Tap on ALLOW.

- Enter and execute command cd ~/storage/shared/payload

- Enter and execute command pip install -r requirements.txt

- Enter and execute command python payload_dumper.py payload.bin 

- Done

- Go to internal storage/payload/output to get all you extracted system image files.

Bingo, you successfully extract system images from payload.bin.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Android payload dumper and Termux there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best Android payload dumper then at present the one by vm03 version seems on go worthy choice.

Overall, Termux comes with dark mode by default, it has clean and simple user interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Termux get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now of it's pretty nice.

Moreover, it's definitely worth to mention Android payload dumper by vm03 is one of the very few payload dumper available for Android available out there on worldwide web of internet to extract system image from Android payload.bin, yes indeed if you're searching for such payload dumper then this can become your new favorite.

Finally, this is how you can extract system image files from Android's payload.bin, are you an existing user of vm03 Android payload dumper? If yes do say your experience and mention if there is any better Android payload dumper in our comment section below, see ya :)