Recovery is basically software that you find on Android operating system in order to access that you have to press different keys based on device maker like power button and volume up or down etc once you get on to it you'll get several important options like reboot to bootloader, fastboot, update from adb and sd card, wipe data and partition etc to do various internal tasks including that connecting the device with PC or smartphone using usb then on terminal you can execute number of adb commands to unlock device bootloader, magisk root, install custom recoveries or firmwares, custom roms and gsi etc which is why recovery is most important backend software to have on Android devices.

In sense, recovery is basically software bridge or layer with important options where you'll be able to install and boot softwares thought almost all smartphone makers provide one but thing is stock recovery is basic and limited which is not sufficient to some people mainly to many developers and geeks so for the personal benefit of them and Android community many skilled devs build and released numerous amazing custom recoveries which are now widely used by Android device users worldwide to do various advanced stuff without PC like mainly to SuperSU or Magisk root, install custom roms, recoveries, google apps, modules, GSIs, sideload, wipe / backup system files and data, switch slots etc easily on go.

Custom recoveries over the years gone through a lot of developements due to that now we have modern ones but have you ever wondered how it's all begin? thought we are not sure what's the first custom recovery as there is no much information on it but the oldest one we can think off is CWM aka Clockwordmod developed and designed by Koushik Dutta around year 2013 which let you use power and volume up and down buttons to do things same as stock recovery after CWM recovery we got number of feature rich custom recoveries like TWRP aka TeamWin Recovery Project, OrangeFox, PitchBlack, RedFox, SkyHawk recoveries which are now become one of the best alternatives to CWM recovery.

Eventhough, CWM recovery is still in continous developement making its presence on many latest devices and  there are many feature rich custom recoveries as well now but the most popular and widely used old custom recovery by large percentage of users is TWRP which is foss aka free and open source software and world's first touch screen based custom recovery as TWRP recovery is foss software for long time it got a lot of contributions from developers who also developed number of official and unofficial builds for their devices thanks to them and the official team in that process TWRP fixed many bugs and become quite modern which you will find most Android devices but yeah TWRP not always work best on certain devices in that case you have to use other custom recoveries.

If TWRP is working for you then usually there's no need to switch to other custom recovery unless you got better features or UI aka user interface like in OrangeFox and PitchBlack recovery but thing is TWRP and many other custom recoveries don't give an option to backup internal storage media like pictures, documents, media thought you can do nandroid backup data but it only includes apps which is quite disappointing right? as many people like to switch to numerous custom roms out of most require full wipe of internal storage thought there are certain PC and mobile softwares which you can use to backup media to cloud or other devices but if that facility is available in TWRP itself then it will be easy and very convenient right?

You may probably thought why TWRP didn't provide option to backup everything of internal storage isn't it? as per official TWRP after discussion with it's team they decided to not provide that option but as necessity exists TWRP allowed developers to utilize it's open source repositories to add data, media backup option on their TWRP builds thought on most official and unofficial TWRP releases you won't get option to backup full internal storage but there's one skilled developer kdrag0n aka khronodrag0n who created an fabulous app named Tipatch which can directly patch existing TWRP recovery on device to provide an full internal backup option on rooted devices and for non-rooted devices you to have to simply first patch TWRP file then flash to get that option on device.

Tipatch is must try app if you want to backup full internal storage including media like apps, pictures, videos and documents etc but thing is if you have large size data on device it usually takes a lot of time to backup like hours and when you enable digest and compression it may take days to complete backup as TWRP do digest for each and every file basically it generate md5 checksum thought enabling it is good if you want to verify things and wants no corruption but it takes very long time if you want to save time and like to take risks then I say to do uncheck digest when it comes to compression it reduces file size thought some people say doing it is ok but compression is something that sometimes won't work and can also cause corruptions so if you're patient enough and have sufficient storage in your SD card or pendrive then it's better to always backup without compression but sometimes even with orginal backup file and TWRP backup  done still you may face errors, bootloops and unsuccesfull backups in TWRP.

What to do if for whatever reasons you're TWRP backup file flashing is failed and you didn't backup anywhere else? first of all don't get panic if you have TWRP backup files your data is still with you, TWRP backup data is in .WIN format thought you can't directly extract or open that format on regular file managers but you can simply rename the .win extension with .tar and open it with any file manager I suggest Zarchiver or mixplorer once you done if files are not corrupted you'll be able to copy or move inside folders and files of archives wherever you like, so do you still like it? are you interested to try Tipatch? If yes then let's explore more.

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Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Tipatch there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best app to patch TWRP to backup full  internal storage then at present Tipatch is on go worthy choice for sure.

Overall, Tipatch comes with light and dark mode by default, it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Tipatch get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it's quite fantastic.

Moreover, it's definitely worth to mention Tipatch is one of the very few apps available out there on world wide web of internet that patch official or unofficial TWRP recovery to add option to backup internal storage data/media, yes indeed if you're searching for such app then Tipatch has potential to become you're favorite.

Finally, this is how you can backup internal storage data/media by patching TWRP using Tipatch thought it's old with no updates from past 5 years but as per our personal test atleast backup part is  working fine on devices but kindly note Tipatch may not work on your device there is no guarantee on functionality, are you an existing user of Tipatch? If yes do say your experience and mention if you know way better app then Tipatch to patch TWRP  in our comment section below, see ya :)