Time is super valuable thing once it passed you can't go back unless you have working time machine which is why if you got opportunity to experience something that you wish or like it's better to do as you may not get same in future because in this world most things changing and evolving at fast pace if you miss to grab certain things then you may regret later but yeah there are certain things which may come
back if large percentage of people want and insist like old trends, technologies and products etc so that even if you missed them you can experience back now or in the future, isn't that pretty awesome?

We gone through many era's right? and in each and every era we got to see many interesting and amazing trends, products and technologies though you may already seen or got them back then or now as many of them are still going on thanks to society but there are many things which are lost thought some people for various reasons still have or follow them mainly to remember past memories and bring back old glory but fact is they are not available in widescale anymore if you are someone who for whatever reasons haven't seen or got them back then it's something that you may have regret or disappointed for sure.

Even if there are old trends, products and technologies which are now not available in widescale that doesn't mean they will be not available forever as said earlier if you and large percentage of society around the world insist and want those back then they will start again so that you can feel wanted vibes that you wished to enjoy for some or long time but not everything people want to refeel and bring back which are limited to some things if what you wanted is in the high demand list then most likely you are going to experience them soon as a lot of people already in line and as there is huge demand many companies for commercial reasons do so much work and spend a lot of money to make and provide the things that people wanted around the world.

There are many things which were eventually changed and evolved over time that large percentage want to bring back but the one that we are now going to specifically talk about is pepe the frog which is basically a cartoon character designed as an green anthropomorphic frog with a humanoid body orginated in Furie's 2005 comic Boy's Club created by Matt Furie that became quite popular and internet meme back in year 2008 on several social platforms like 4chan, Tumblr, Gaia etc thought pepe the frog memes trend continued for number of years at peak level in that time we got to see numerous different variations of pepe the frog memes like sad frog, feels frog, smug frog, angry frog etc to suit different types of need and emotions, cool right?

Pepe, the frog in just few years got immense popularity and usage around the world it's figure used in various ways for different purposes it was even used by some groups in number of political events like in protests and campaigns etc thanks to all euphoria surrounded around pepe the frog there is even documentary made on it named feels good man including that there are large number of people and fanbase who highly like and want to use things developed on pepe the frog theme as there is huge demand to supply for commercial reasons many companies over the years created different types of cool and valuable physical and digital products, services etc.

But thing is like most old trends as time passes eventually pepe the frog popularity and usage is reduced little day by day due to the different reasons mainly as part of change and to try something new a lot of people switched to new trends and started using them forgetting about pepe the frog to follow latest trends and stay updated in this evolving world thought some people still remember and use pepe the frog but as it's old trend most people mainly gen z are unaware of pepe the frog which is old trend but good one so many people even gen z's who recently got to know about it want to experience pepe the frog trend at peak level which people back in early 20th century very fortunate to see on live.

Eventhough, there is activity going on pepe the frog thanks to some people who still creating and using pepe the frog memes, products and services as at present it's usage and availabilty is limited you may say it's not possible to see pepe the frog trend at peak level but thing is in order to fill a ocean first drop of rain is essential after that only remaining drops will follow likewise until or unless you start or take part in the existing trend even if it's small then now or soon that trend whichever you participated may form shape and become quite big in upcoming days that's why if you really want to experience pepe the frog trend at peak level then in one way or another in whichever possible way try to promote or indulge into things related to it wherever possible on the go globally.

We already have some things developed based on theme pepe the frog out of them the most interesting and innovative thing based on new technology is pepe crypto currency coin aka token which all mainly pepe coin increasing pepe the frog trend day by day paving way to make big trend as soon as possible but thing is pepe coin is crypto currency so a lot of people are not aware of it except active crypto market researchers and investors so until pepe the frog get into thing which is liked and used by large percentage of people like memes else it's bit hard and difficult to reach peak level at present pepe the frog memes is not up to level in comparison to other memes so there has to be some way better alternative to the pepe coin that can rise trend pepe the frog effectively.

Crypto is basically revolutionary decentralized digital currency first developed and released by pseudonymous Satoshi nakamoto named Bitcoin back in year 2009 which price just like stocks is volatile based on buy and sell in market at first Bitcoin doesn't have much value but  because of founder focus on organic reach eventually Bitcoin attracted investors worldwide including that it  inspired many developers who developed a lot of crypto tokens thought Bitcoin is long time crypto market leader even now but other crypto tokens are also widely used around the world like for instance Ethereum, Tether, Binance and USDC etc at the end crypto became best alternative to fiat currency and considered as valuable assets like stocks around the world.

Bitcoin came into existence mainly to replace untrustworthy middlemans like banks by providing better security using encryptions and memephrase key based crypto wallets, privacy as it doesn't need personal data and mainly transparency using blockchain explorers with total ownership of money though banks says they will provide them but not up to the level of Bitcoin and other crypto tokens because banks usually ask and require your personal details which they can use as they like even share to third parties with or without consent or permission of you and they store money deposited in lockers thought they are very secure with the latest secure technologies but as they are centralized thief's are able to somehow compromise them and mainly banks are not transparent they will usually don't show where and how they are using your personal details and money including that they usually never show technologies used to protect them and customer money which is why a lot of people don't want to use bank system instead like and prefer to use and invest in crypto currencies.

Especially, when it comes to secure transactions Bitcoin and other crypto tokens are way ahead of banks as crypto tokens use proof of stake system first implemented by Bitcoin in which once user send money to any unique wallet address it will be verified by number of users who are known as miners by resolving blocks of algorithms using 1 or more computer for that they'll receive some crypto tokens as reward due to all this process whatever transactions done by users will be genuine and secure thus no one can do frauds and illegal activities including that transactions for transparency will be recorded publicly in blockchain explorer which is different in banks where they use centralized system to approve all transactions and they never usually share transactions of users in any manner publicly with user IDs which is not always right system to follow that's why since last decade crypto tokens getting popularity and widely used worldwide.

Eventhough, crypto tokens and it's 
technologies have potential to replace banks and fiat currency and users of crypto tokens growing everyday yet most people still use banks and fiat currency because crypto currencies usage is not fully legal and approved by almost all countries except permission to use if added national identity card to purchase or do transactions using crypto wallet or on CEX aka centralized crypto exchange platforms with some regulations for taxes on buying and selling of crypto tokens so just with one $pepe crypto token it's not  possible to see pepe the frog at massive level for that as said earlier there has to be something that is highly used by almost all people around the world like for instance domains without them we not even able to access internet to check websites, blogs, files etc that's why if we got pepe domains they may work better than pepe memes.

Internet is basically network of computers which are interconnected to eachother using an standard protocol known as IP created by ARPANET back in year 1960s first used to send messages between computers after that it gone through many advancements due to that it eventually become better secure and modern one but thing is till the end of 1980s internet used to be private one due to that only approved users are able to access them but later on in year 1991 inventor named Tim Berners Lee developed an software named WWW aka world wide web known as browser by using that anyone can access public data available on internet with url aka uniform resource locater aka link or aka domain or  web or domain address so many people around the world who want to show their data online started creating websites and blogs etc using computer and then started publishing on internet due to that internet in just few years become quite big one. 

Now, we have millions of websites and blogs on internet which are build using web development programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python etc and hosted utilizing many technologies 
mainly storage and memory available on personal computers and dedicated cloud servers but in order to publish and access website or blog using browser we need domain thought once you create server you will automatically get low level numerical unique domain address like for example : as computer convert and understand every input in numbers binary format but thing is most people used to alphabetical names so to get them there are many paid and free domain name registrars where you can choose and register any available domain names with extensions you like for months or years then connect to your website or blog to publish on internet instantly.

There are many domain name registrars like GoDaddy, BigRock etc who provide many amazing features mainly dns aka domain name servers by using them you can connect domain to your websites or blogs which basically resolve numerical web address into name but the problem here with domain name registrars is they are centralized owned by one or more companies where users usually have to provide many personal details to register domains and you have to register domain name every year including that you will not get full ownership on domains they can be controlled by domain name registrars as they like anytime including that if domain violates rules like for illegal activities their  details and IP address can be traced by law enforcement agencies to take legal actions or can be blocked either by DMCA or ISP or country firewall which are some things that a lot of people don't like about domain names, are you one of them?

In Web 1.0 and now in 2.0 era we widely using centralized domains but they have number of drawbacks so to fix them we eventually upgrading to Web3.0 which is basically decentralization of internet where we are going to replace centralized domains and servers with decentralized Web3 ones that provides several benefits like to name few they are super value for money as Web3 domains are based on crypto technology with only one time purchase and no renew fees, privacy as they don't need user details to get access to services, security and ownership using crypto encryptions and proof of stake system with memephrase crypto wallets, transparency as crypto technologies and transactions will be in public domain on blockchain explorers, amazing right?

In sense, to be clear Web3 domains uses blockchain which are non-fungible tokens in short NFTs each and every NFT is unique with it's own digital signature that cannot be duplicated due to that they're considered rare and valuable assets and collectables when you get NFT domain from Web3 platforms you will not get ip address instead you will get an alphabetic crypto wallet address which is resolved to domain name using decentralized domain name server inshort ddns after that you can only connect Web3 domains to Web3 servers using IPFS aka interplanetary file system not on Web2 content management systems like Blogger, WordPress, Medium etc at present they are not supported but as part of evolution most cms platforms may use IPFS Web3 servers and add the support for Web3 domains in future.

Web3 domains are connected to IPFS decentralized servers aka nodes when you use them your data will be divided into numerous parts and get encrypted and hosted on number of servers provided by users or companies due to that it's super hard even impossible for anyone to exploit and hack your data including that data is hosted on numerous servers around the world so even if one server went down another will be there thus you will mostly get 24/7 hours uptime including that it makes them censorship resistant no one even law enforcement agencies can't take or block them thanks to such potential many people who want trustable security and anonymity gradually getting into Web3 domains and servers, so if there is .pepe web3 nft domains they not only level up pepe the frog trend but also makes trend future proof for sure, don't you think?

Currently, platforms which provide web3 domains are less out of them most don't provide .pepe domains but recently we got to know about Web3 domain provider named Cortex and Butterfly protocol who currently sells .ape limited edition web3 domains and .hmn free Web3 domains and now they are promoting and selling 10x less expensive unlimited .pepe for people who want pepe the frog things which is based on Ethereum network with build in ens aka Ethereum name servers once you get .pepe web3 domain you can mint sub domains by paying transaction aka gas fees which all you can simply connect to cortex press a highly scalable Web3 decentralized content management system to simply publish and manage Web3 content easily on the go.

.Pepe is considered as TLD aka top level web3 domains which has many more benefits to name few each and every .pepe site work as crypto wallet with it's own erc20 wallet address and by utilizing integration of charged particles tecnology you can store  ERC-20s, 1155s, and 721s inside including that you can simply edit metadata of domain or subdomain to add your own art, music and files etc, so do you like it? are you interested in .pepe domains? If yes let's explore more.

• .pepe official support •

Website : pepe.fans

• How to buy .pepe Web3 domains •

- Go to pepe.fans, look up your domain.

- Tap on Connect Wallet | <---

- Tap on wallet.

- Tap on CONNECT.

- Tap on Start Purchase.

- if you have sufficient $pepe or Ethereum tap on buy your domain name.

- Bingo, approve smart contract your NFT domain will be added to crypto wallet.

Finally, this is how you can boost pepe the frog trend to massive level as soon as possible by buying and using .pepe nft Web3 domains powered by cortex network leveraging butterfly protocol conveniently and comfortably, are you an existing user of .pepe domains? If yes do say your experience and mention if you know better platform that provide .pepe Web3 domains in our comment section below, see ya :)