Value, each and everything that you see and touch around you has unique value isn't it? usually value of things change from each and every individual being right? as giving value or valuation to something is basically pyschological thing that's quite unique and different to each and every one so due to pyschology some people tend to give more value to something which is not given value by some other people and vice versa, as it's based on their requirements and many other factors mainly how they see that something because not everyone is capable enough to understand as well as estimate value of thing, in sense some people find value in everything and some people don't find value in everything, at the end in mind of people value of plethora of things available in this massive universe will keep on changing from time to time as it's pyschological, which is why something
that's quite highly valuable in the past may not have value in future and vice versa.

Generally, if we look at things with broad mind then will get to know, everything in this universe has immeasurable value but due to various different reasons and purposes, living beings in this universe. according to time, as said earlier based on their psychology and usage needs given  certain estimated value to things they are aware off, and then created and found many ways to express value of things like through actions, drawings, words, sounds  shapes, numbers like for example: let's say there is a object, if we show that object to someone and ask value of that object then that person may express value of it either through actions like bodily movements & signs, or drawings like arts, paintings etc, or sounds like spoken and hearable ones, or words and numbers either vocal or written ones, or shapes like rectangle, square and traingle, etc, isn't it? Thought actions, drawings, words, sounds, shapes are widely used by majority of people most of the time to express value but numbers ranks on top which are quite heavily used to express value of things worldwide.

Even though, as said earlier everything on this universe has immeasurable value, but to be more specific in this context due to unique psychology, value on something  usually changes from each and every individual being due to that a individual may give high value to something and another individual may give less value, in sense each and every individual being due to their unique psychological mind give their own certain value to each and every existing specific thing like for example : let's say there is a pen which is being selled for 10$, but one buyer may find it's value more than 10$, and another buyer may find it's value lower like 5$, it is also possible there may be many buyers who find the value way lower like 3$ even if they have more necessity than the fellow buyers, in sense though requirement play pivotal role in increasing value of thing but not all the time, there are numerous other psychologically driven factors which play quite important role in increasing as well as decreasing value of things primarily like level of requirement, interest, attraction etc that's why most of the time will very likely find atleast slightest point difference of valuation between set of individuals and groups etc as valuation is psychological it is volatile in nature as valuation is unique to each being it can change anytime.

But, there are certain things available in this universe which large percentage of people on planet earth unanimously give more value to them like gold, silver and diamonds etc mainly known to be found on planet earth, they are rare objects and hard to find which is why since ancient times they've been given immense value by a lot of people, in sense many human beings thought have unique psychology yet have one thing in common which is basically to give more value to rare and hard to find and get things, because of that metals like gold, silver and rocks like diamonds, platinum etc got quite huge prominence and at one point back in time gold, silver and diamonds even replaced barter system, in sense people used to exchange things for things but eventually people started exchanging gold, silver and diamonds to buy things from each other due to that eventually they've become mode of payment and considered as money, but the problem here is as time goes gold, silver, diamonds become more rare due to that value of them increased exponentially and they've became quite expensive so many people started to think buying gold, silver and diamonds as good investment and started to believe having them is like status symbol, due to huge demand worldwide they can be selled anytime thanks to that they even worked as security in time of financial set backs globally, isn't that pretty amazing?

However, though for long time gold, silver, and diamonds as they were being highly valued by large percentage around the world due to that they've worked pretty well as mode of payment, but there are some usage hardships and drawbacks with them like for instance, foremost thought gold, silver, diamonds can be shaped to any size and shape but thing is gold, silver, diamonds are not readily available as they are rare and it's hard to find and get them mainly because they are available under earth, so in order to get huge quantities of them large workforce have to mine for long time with quite big machines and technologies which all are expensive stuff and things to do, so even if some mining companies somehow were able to extract huge quantities of them  still at the end there will be difficulties in maintaining and using them in the real world, like primarily making and storing them is super hard & expensive including that in reality especially in this era utilzing them is inconvenient as they are heavy to carry and exchanging in big numbers can be problematic which is why to suit to the current modern era financial dynamics, governments introduced paper money also known as fiat & cash currency which is  easy to make, store and light weight as well thanks to that eventually paper aka fiat currency replaced and also working as an alternative to gold, silver, diamonds as money and mode of payment from past few centuries worldwide effectively.

In sense, paper money aka fiat currency is readily available as paper is made from wood, it is recyclable as well thanks to that governments will have to spend very less money in comparison to mining to make paper money including that as paper is basically plain sheet on that governments can simply print any value they want due to that a simple paper that commercially has little value will get immense value in real world just because it has big value printed on it and that was authorized by government entity, paper money was big deal back in early era when it was for the  first time got introduced to public by many modern governments, but now all this is may be pretty normal thing yet the fact is emergence of paper money is fascinating and quite beneficial to society in number of ways isn't? for instance as paper weight is small, lite weight, slick people were able to easily store in small space, carry and exchange them on their own and were also able to deposit & withdraw huge amounts from banks on the go conveniently around the world, anyhow though paper money does have many benefits at the same time it has drawbacks as well like to name few as paper money is wood based physical material it is destroyable, not traceable and can be duplicated by anyone with right tools & skills, such practices will increase money laundering, corruption, and black money which has negative impacts on society, that's why good governments and people since long time wanted an better alternative to paper currency to utilize as money, thanks to the efforts of a lot of intellectuals eventually after few centuries, in early 20th century we got to see digital money which governments were able to track and keep things in check for a safe, regulated and legal money usage in this world including that people were able to way simply and quickly utilize the digital money with the help of digital as well as  electronic technologies comfortably.

Digital revolution paved way for digital money, in emergence and opting to many revolutionary digital technologies mainly internet, operating systems and application softwares etc with right electronic technologies like mobiles, computers, desktops in place to use them, the dream of digital money came true in 90s era and it's usage grown exponentially in 20th & 21st century, though technically  digital money as it's basically digital code that you can see on digital screen is different from paper money but certain digital money's provided by number of platforms can be somehow converted to paper money, for example : banks will only provide digital money when in backend you have paper money got deposited in your bank account by you or bank itself, which means digital money basically work as face and have connection with actual paper money, but there can be also many digital money's which have no relation to fiat money and will work autonomously, anyway thanks to many governments who in co-ordination with central bank have recognized and legalized digital money including that regulated and controlled public and private banks in adapting to trend and concept of digital money eco- system at the same time governments and banks in order to level up usage of digital money together developed and offered necessary platforms and services for people to utilize digital money in real world like ATMs and banking apps etc integrated with bunch of digital technologies to make domestic & international money transfers around the clock quickly and efficiently but thing is at the end digital money has pros and cons just like paper money, when it comes to pros as digital money is digital as long as you have compatible electronic device and internet to view it you can get, check, & use digital anywhere and anytime, including that as digital money is basically a digital number it has digital size which is so tiny that even trillions of digital  numbers can be saved in few kb - kilobyte storage because of that any value digital money can be simply sent and received instantly using internet or any wired or wireless technologies due to that without moving anywhere you'll be able to send and receive digital money globally including that if the digital currency is provided by banks then transactions by users are recorded and if required can be in supervision of the state governments or law enforcement agencies to keep things in check, reduce and stop illegal and fraud money transfers and practices so that only white money gets into picture and people will use money safely and legally but the pros of digital money comes with it's cons for instance as digital money is basically technology, even with strict security measures still there is always chance of loop holes which can be exploited by hackers to get access to anyone digital money and simply theft it or do anything without trace anonymously including that digital money provided by banks are centralized and guarded by in build private technologies, so there is no transparency due to that owners of digital money won't know what and how banks are doing under the hood with their private personal data and digital money, which is concerning for many people, that's why a lot of them wanted an better alternative to digital money provided by banks with  transparency, better security, privacy with complete ownership of digital money and no reliance on any centralized institutions like banks, as there is such requirement to supply back in year 2009 we got to see  new digital money known as crypto.

Crypto currency is basically digital money aka currency, but it is not provided by governments or banks instead they are usually created and provided by non-government entities, crypto is basically decentralized currency which doesn't rely on centralized institutions like banks instead it has it's own decentralized infrastructure to provide users of crypto with top notch transparency by providing full information basically being free and open source about all of it's underlying technologies, and transactions of users will be recorded in blockchain explorers that ensures whatever transactions are happening in crypto ecosystem are real and validated by crypto technologies, including that most crypto currencies also provide best possible security to it's users and whatever transactions happening in it's ecosystem, by providing encrypted and secured crypto wallets for users to store their crypto currency which are locked using backup phrase until or unless a person has that no one will able to open crypto wallet including that most crypto currencies networks usually utilze proof of stake system in that set of miners will solve block of codes using their own computer power in order to verify each transaction for that they'll receive crypto rewards and also this procedure verify each transaction thus it ensures each and every transaction is tamper proof that provides security including that crypto currency also provide immense privacy to users like by not making it essential for user to provide personal details to register and use crypto wallets including that all the transactions recorded in blockchain will not have personal details of sender or reciever that ensures anonymity of users, It is all possible because decentralization is core concept of crypto currency and it's quite rooted in all it's open and underlying technologies isn't that fantastic which is why since the inception of crypto currency a lot of people mainly geeks who want an alternative to fiat currency & regular digital money started exploring and investing in  revolutionary crypto currency networks.

The start of crypto currencies began when psuedonymous satoshi nakamoto created world's first revolutionary decentralized crypto currency named bitcoin back in year 2009 which is created to replace mediators like banks and provide way better robust digital currency that provides transparency, security, privacy, anonymity for people, back in the beginning bitcoin doesn't have much value as creator wanted organic growth of product thanks to that gradually day by day bitcoin attracted investors around the world to level that it's value skyrocketed making a lot of early bitcoin investors networth millions and billions, after that eventually the huge hype and potential surrounded around the bitcoin driven it to get huge fanbase and it's underlying ecosytem and technologies inspired many developers to build their own amazing crypto currency networks like solana, ethereum, matrix etc, alternative to Bitcoin, but thing is at the end crypto currencies are considered as asset just like gold, silver, diamonds etc as they have their own value which just like any other asset their value get increased when demand is high and get decreased when demand is low, though fiat currency  can also be considered as an asset due to it's rise and fall of value overtime but not the reliable one as fiat currency is limited to specific state or country which value is based on issuing country government and their economy conditions with face value in global stage basically fiat currency not have universal value, while cryptos does, and they being decentralized can bypass censorship so they can't be restricted or limited by anyone but there's a catch all crypto currencies are not legally approved, audited neither recognized by government so there is always risk when dealing with crypto currencies and relying on them is like walking on unstable bridge, yet still demand for crypto currencies is growing up mainly due to it's huge returns and  associated path breaking technologies but there can be big losess as well which is why having or utilizing bitcoin with high expectations is not ideal instead utilize cryptos carefully to be in safe zone.

Robert Kiyosaki, well known co-writer of popular financial related selling book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad, who also authored many other financial related books, emphasized many times if you want your money back then investing in assets like gold, silver, land, cattle as best for long term over in stock market, as they are more reliable due to their universal stable value, while stock market can crash anytime which is evident in history, though big crashes in stock market is quite normal in every few decades but still what if bad aliens landed on earth and wipe out all stuff which are core and essential to run stock market? If not aliens something else who knows? So there is always high risk in stock market and it's not the safe option for thoso who can't take risk and adventure into stock market, for people with low financial risk appetite gold, silver, diamonds, land, home, cattle etc are best on go choices because they may have slow growth in value but it's steady and they'll have pretty high value in future mainly gold, silver, diamonds due to their rarity, while home, land and cattle are required and became necesisty for most people so value of them very likely may not get nullified around the world.

In india, since ancient times mainly gold next comes silver, diamonds have pretty high significance which are not just seen as status symbol but also they are quite deeply rooted in land culture, traditions, religions, and among many communities, due to that buying or wearing mainly gold on certain occassations or days are quite special and considered by many as lucky and auspicious including that many indian families in india have custom and tradition to pass gold and other valuable items to next generations which is why demand for gold and then silver, diamonds etc since long time persists in india, but thing is like many countries utilizing gold as mode of payment and money has been taken over by paper money in modern era, there may be certain percentage of people who still using gold, silver and diamonds as mode of payment but most people in india and around the world has shifted to fiat paper money to do almost all transactions, so considering decades long usage and the advantages of paper money, gold atleast for few decades upcoming may not be able to replace paper money, isn't it?

Anyhow, though as said above gold, silver, and diamonds etc may not very soon replace fiat paper money but they are always in usage as alternative to fiat paper money, thanks to their universal high value most people if given option to choose between them and fiat money, majority of people like to have gold, silver, diamonds over fiat paper money, but unfortunately people in a lot of platforms primarily have to must use paper fiat money to buy things or receive and get paid for anything, due to that at the end considering the reliance on paper fiat money in current financial world, most people have to externally buy and receive or get paid gold, silver, diamonds from certain dedicated platforms or by using fiat paper money and then store them somewhere to use them later for various purposes, in sense a lot of people viewing gold, silver, diamonds as backup money including that when gold, silver, diamonds value raise up, in need many people selling gold, silver, diamonds in exchange of paper fiat money, which all seems fine isn't it? But thing is not all people were able to afford gold, silver and diamonds as they are now quite expensive which is why a lot of people somehow and find various ways, work to get gold, silver, diamonds into their personal treasure.

There are numerous ways to get gold, silver, diamonds primarily through mining, if lucky enough then it's easy but normally extracting gold, silver, diamonds from underground is expensive so most people instead buy gold, silver and diamonds from sellers in exchange of their fiat money, but thing is as said earlier there are a lot of people who can't and unable to afford gold, silver, diamonds due to lack of sufficient paper fiat money including that there are certain percentage of people who even being able to afford gold, silver, diamonds still don't want to directly buy them instead want to somehow get them through other ways like as rewards or freebies, for instance through exchange of valuable items like utensils and properties for gold, silver, diamonds, or win them through certain competitions, or even get them as bonus like by extracting from certain items like electronics, including that that are certain sellers who offer some amount of gold, silver, diamonds and other valuable things as bonus for purchasing or utilizing their products or services etc, isn't that pretty amazing!

Now a days, in view of digital technologies, a lot of physical things have been digitalized for the convenience, easyness, and comfort of public, in progress of that we got to see digital gold, which from past decade got huge popularity around the world as it's way easy to buy and transfer in few clicks, technically digital gold is actually same as physical gold but the only difference is digital gold usually have to be purchased from online outlets through web platforms like shopping, stock and banking apps etc, when a person purchase digital gold from registered and licensed platform then they according to the quantity and other factors convert digital gold into physical gold and store them in secured lockers including that the person who owns digital gold can exchange digital gold for physical gold as well, thanks to the benefits of digital gold many people purchasing digital gold with fiat, digital, crypto currency but thing is there are certain percentage of people who don't want to directly purchase digital gold instead somehow get and earn digital gold for free as rewards, bonus for doing activities like completing of tasks, playing games, shopping online etc, as there are such people for them in recent years we got to see number of digital platforms who seems to provide digital gold rewards.

Recently, we got to know about an feature rich interesting digital platform named PayNav, a P2P investment platform in partnership with RBI-approved NBFC and processed by P2P asset partner Lendbox providing upto 30% cashback basically 24K digital gold as reward for shopping online in india at over 500+ online popular stores like Amazon, Bigbasket, Zivame, Flipkart, Swiggy, Zomato, Makemytrip, Uber, Shoppers Stop, Westside, Croma, Tanishq etc including that through PayNav in-store you can enjoy special deals and cashback at over top 1000 food outlets and stores to choose like including KFC, Barbeque Nation, Mainland China, Third wave Coffee, Starbucks, Spar, More,  Bookmyshow, Shoppers Stop, Chumbak, Max Raymond, Bata, Pantaloons, Vmart, Tbz, PVR Cinemas, Apollo Pharmacy, Puma, Bata, Sketchers, Body Shop, Health & Glow, Himalaya, Croma, Natures Basket, Spencer’s, Decathlon and more!, at the end you can withdraw your digital gold rewards as cash or physical gold coins, it's not just that PayNav also offers upto 9.5% interest on savings account with debit card and portfolio insurance on the go, ain't all this seems worthy? there may be many more things coming up from PayNav in future, so do you like it? are you interested in PayNav? if yes let's explore more. 

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Atlast, this are just highlighted features of PayNav there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best app to get digital gold as cashback or rewards then PavNav seems on go choice.

Overall, PayNav comes with light mode by default, it has intutive and quite nice looking interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will PayNav get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now PavNav is fabulous.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention at present only digital gold is quite popular and readily available in a lot of platforms globally, when it comes to digital silver and diamonds, unfortunately they not yet widely available even if they are available online, it's very likely possible that they are provided as cashback or rewards, but in future just like digital gold, may silver and diamonds also get digitalized form and  provided as cashback or rewards, anyway  if you're searching for apps to get digital gold as rewards then at present PayNav  has potential to become your new favorite.

Finally, this is PayNav, a app that focuses on providing digital gold as cashback and rewards for shopping online, at present being in early access stage itself providing a lot of people, so very likely when it become stable you may find many more interesting and useful features in future, so do you like it? are you interested in PayNav? if yes do say your experience and mention why you like PayNav in our comment section below, see ya :)