How To Compress Video In Android ?

The higher the quality and ratio of the video the bigger the size and if we see
smartphone camera than it will produce
bigger size with a lesser time if we take
hd video with larger resolution than it will be more.

Pc have more hardware and software 
resources to compress video as much as possible in different formats.

Compression of video is time taking as it takes system cpu to process and render the video with lesser quality loss

But when it comes to android is powerful but not much sufficient to compress or encode video at faster speed.

But, still android have some apps that will produce compressed video's.

But, it's not as stable like in pc and it will be time taking and mainly your phone ram, processor plays major role here.

Now, how to do compression in android ?

- First go to playstore

- Search for Video compressor 

- Now you to get 2 to 3 apps with rating of above 4.0

- We suggest video compressor by Mel and video compressor by mobileidea 

Extra : Video compressor panda

Links : #

Now, install any one of app then choose the video and press compress.

There are several qualities available to compress upto 3gp video format to.

It will try the best to don't loss the quality and must try.

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