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| Android device is one of the most popular device that OS is used by many company's as it open source software as it getting improved with latest updates and upgrades reducing bugs and fixing them with new versions the most common problem for android device is issues like random reboots, lag, glitches, UI struck, network issues, apps issues, not working some features which are fine due to various reasons different issues and problems occur in android device while this the reason the most common trouble shooting steps that can easily solve this issues which company's include in manual also.

* First If you facing any above issues just reboot or switch off device *

This step usually solve most of the issues.

* If you are facing network issues, irregular networks or slow etc *

We suggest you to check APN settings if everything alright, contact your network provider, if still not resolved reboot device or remove sim and put again to refresh*

In some cases for any lags, glitches, hot, or any other update or upgrade would definitely fix these issue.

- if you are facing low voice or no voice or no balance voice check your network signal and is it your mic properly working or not.

- if you are facing app issues then we suggest you go to safe mode to check for any uneccessary app that taking uneccessary permission's and uninstall applications that can't be trusted.

- if you are facing some features not working these issue can be fixed easily by doing reset device or update software * Do BackUp

- If you are facing charging issues then check your room temperature and weather condition's as devices charge slowly based on device heat and percentage and still its not working change the charger or contact your phone manufacturer helpline.

• How to trouble shoot everthing on  android easily.

Check Phone Doctor Plus App That Can Check Most Hardware Features working or not.

Finally, if you are experiencing low storage we suggest you to install apps like files by google or clean master or boost+ by HTC to clean and fix major issues.

Install Anti-Virus Apps for better security as it protect you from Trojans and malware and uneccessary garbage and exploits.

These are some trouble shooting steps and fixes that you can be useful.

If you have any suggestions or queries you can comment down below