Telegram developed by two russian devs who developed Vikonte social media sharing russian website after Vikonte Paul and his co developer made telegram.

Telegram is one of the security and privacy oriented app available in playstore being getting backlash due to piracy and criticism for not providing keys to government agencies.

Still, telegram is top #4 ranking app in playstore with 500m + downloads and 4.5 rating getting latest updates recently recieved alpha version of most awaited video calling feature.

Editors choice ☑️

Even though telegram official app give almost all features still  lack some features which are only available in this client apps if you didn't liked the official app or you may want some other app even you may want to explore this clients worth to Install.

Telegram Client Apps •

1. Plus Messenger

2. Telegram X

3. Lite Messanger

4. Rugram

5. Mobogram

Notice : the aboved listed clients are un-official they use telegram open source api to make them telegram doesn't have responsibility.

- Plus Messenger

In the first sight if you want to use client other than official app then plus messanger have the features to be your first choice the app provides unique features like adding favorites even give personal space for groups, channels, inbox etc.

For more details : here

- Telegram X

It is the official app from telegram but with some changes like dark mode round edged posts with some more alterations if you want dark mode or you may want to use a client other than telegram than telegram x can save the time.

For more details : here

- Lite Messanger

You can use VPN inbuild to unblock chats or any groups or channels which got restricted country wise even they have provide all the telegram features rated 4.1 with 50k downloads.

For more details : here

- Rugram

It has stable proxies to become anonymous and more security and privacy it does give features that telegram offical supports.

However, it is just complete clone with some add ups.

For more details : here

- Mobogram

Here, comes the interesting app in our list and final one mobo gram not available in play store due to whatever reason but this app have many features there in official app you can't add more than 4 accounts or even in other clients but this mobo gram have no limit add as much as u can.

For more details : here

Finally, these are some telegram clients available till now do mention which app you liked the most in the comment section. see ya :)