We have numerous global and country based online music players available out there on internet created and provided by companies and individual developers, this global and country based online music players were utilised by people to full-fill their music listening requirements. 

But, the problem with some online music players was they have less collection of songs, low quality songs and downloads, no song downloading option, time limits like only one week, no lyrics feature, and country specific restrictions & limitations, only few languages, limit for downloading songs, no good user interface and user experience and more due to that people have no option other then upgrading or buying their premium subscription to unlock the basic features which should be free. 

So, people whoever use such online music players were searching for an online music player that won't limit or put restrictions on basic features of online music player that are basic necessary and ethically should be free without buying or upgrading to any premium version subscription etc. 

However, there are few online music player apps available for free that won't put limits or restrictions on basic features available on Google Play but picking the best right one will make sure that you won't get any issues or requirements of searching for any other online music player apps in future. 

Eventhough, do remember this online music players don't put limitations or restrictions on basic features that doesn't mean all the features will be free, this online music players may lock features that will be only unlocked after purchase yet this apps will provide all basic features that are required and necessary to become capable online music player. 

Yes, If you are searching for best online music player app app that have all necessary features then hold on, we are in-search of best online music app named BoomPlay that have all full-fledged features like Unlimited Music Listening, Unlimited Downloads, No Country Restrictions, All country and Regional Songs available included with all languags support and more for free. 

Boomplay Music App is the home of music with over 50M songs with regional and country basic songs across different genres like Pop music, Rock, Afrobeats, Afropop and Reggae from your favorite artistes to stream and download the best new songs, trending songs, albums and curated playlists on Boomplay for free. 

• Boomplay Official Support • 

- Facebook
Email[email protected]

- App Info Google  / App Store 

How to download Boomplay online music player App •

Google Play 

It is very easy to download Boomplay from these platforms available for free. 

• Boomplay Key features with UI & UX Overview • 

- Open Boomplay and Tap on Agree and Continue to accept Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. 

- Tap on Sign up

- Select Country code, Enter Mobile No. And Get and Enter Verification code and tap on Next

- Hotlist
- Download for free
- New Releases
- Stay Home and Stay Safe
- Party, Religious & inspirational
- Artist focus
- Monthly charts
- Albums
- 2020 yearly rewind
- Hindi
- Emotions / Activities
- Explore Genres
- Editor's Picks
- Curator's Picks
- For Kids
- Followed Playlists. 
- For You. 

Charts, Artists, Genres, Playlists, BBC 

In music, You can access many genres of Boomplay

- Here, In trending you can access popular
songs now in time on Boomplay. 
- Local Music
- Private FM
- Favorites
- Videos
- Playlists
- Downloads

In Library, You can access these options. 

- In buzz, Recommended - we have Top Posts, Rankings, My Posts, New Posts, Latest Buzz from Boomplay users with Trending Hot Hashtags around the world. 
- In following, you can access channels or users on Boomplay you followed. 
- Notifications
- Subscribe
- Reward Points
- Help
- Feedback
- I'm an Artist
- Theme
- Settings
- Recharge
- invite friends

In Account, You can access all this features and options. 

- In notifications, You can access Content, Messages, Chats, Activity & more.

- In subscribe, you can purchase one day, one week, monthly, premium subscription that will unlock more features. check the subscription plans pricing in app itself to get detailed information. 

- Stream unlimited music, videos. 
- Download unlimited music and videos. 
- Unlock premium content & giveaways. 
- Stream Music without any ads. 

- In rewards, you can collect points that you can use to buy premium subscription plans of Boomplay

- In Help, you can access Knowledge base, Contact Boomplay support and more. 

- In feedback, you can send suggestions, questions, queries that you have or want to Boomplay

- In artist, you can claim your artist profile on Boomplay

- Dark
- White
- Color
- Lagos
- Kilimanjaro
- Sahara desert 02
- Boombuddy 2
- Sahara Desert

In Theme, You can apply Existing Themes, by tapping on image you can add your own picture as theme. 

- Timer : You can set it upto 90 minutes to play your songs until it end. 

Audio Quality : You have 64 kbps, 128 kbps [ Free ] to 328 kbps [ Premium ]

- Cache Management : You can set it upto 1GB with premium subscription plan. 

In Settings, You can access this options  of Boomplay

- In recharge, you can recharge coins through Google Play. 

- In invite friends, you can invite your friends and get freebies. 

- In music player, you can download, tap on ❤️ to set it favorite, you can comment and add to your playlist and more.

- if the song you player doesn't have lyrics, you can request lyrics or add lyrics

- My coins
- Rewards
- Subscription
- Phone No. 
- Transaction Record. 
- QR code
- Share with Friends. 

In profile, you can edit your bio, mobile no, and access this options and features. 

Atlast, Everything Music, we also love football, Boomplay online music player is biggest online music player in africa developed by techno, it is indeed full fledged online music player that can full fill your daily dosage of music with its amazing features, if you want online music that has all potential features then Boomplay have it all to become your new choice of online music player app available on Google Play. 

Overall, Boomplay is easy to use and good online music player to listen and download
unlimited songs and charts in different genres by various artists for free with its intuitive user interface which gives you clean and enjoyable user experience but we have to wait and see will Boomplay get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now BoomPlay have perfect user interface and user experience that you may like to use for sure. 

Moreover, it is worth to mention you can unlock complete features of Boomplay online music player by purchasing 99 INR per month which will give you 1 month free, if you have any requirement of premium features of VLOO then you can Go ahead for any package, buy premium wisely. 

Finally, This is Boomplay best online music player app we have ever seen that can give you awesome experience for people and especially music lovers, so do you like it? If yes have you tried? If you are already user of Boomplay then do mention why you like Boomplay convey your user experience in our comment section below, see ya :)