Do you want a Best Payment Gateway? For your business either owned by individual seller or company to sell products or services. If you own an online business then definitely it is must to have best payment gateway on your website to provide all payment option to your customers or vistors that will make sure that the customer will able to buy in your website else if your payment gateway doesn't have the payment option which is requiring by the customer then you may lost the valuable customers. 

Yes, Daily billons of products and services. were listed by individuals & companies to run thier bussines through thier online shopping websites but to handle them any company or individual seller have to provide the best payment gateway available in internet to give maximum payment options available on payment gateway to thier customers which will increase the reputation of company and grow the sells to get good profits. 

In such scenario, there is big chance if you don't provide best payment gateway to your customers then they will more likely face problems and issues while purchasing your products or services online because the best payment gateway will easy up the process of buying or products including that it will give nice experience to customer end. 

If you don't provide best payment gateway to your customers with maximum payment options then the customers who have a different payment app that you don't have on your payment gateway then the customer will face difficulty with your payment gateway so, customer may return back without purchasing your products or services. 

But, if you provide best payment gateway available in internet on your online shopping or services even donation website in-return you will gain trust on your company and products or services that provide future warranty to your customers. If you truly care about your customers and want to increase your sells and provide splendid and simple buying experience to your customers then providing best payment gateway will eventually benefit your company in various ways else it can give negative impact according to entrepreneurs and bussines experts globally. 

However, Most bussines experts providing best payment gateway to their customers on their online website but new companies and entrepreneurs were unable to provide best payment gateway on thier online shopping and services website due to lack of knowledge and expertise in bussines for them they have to provide best payment gateway on thier website for customers to buy products or services which will grow sells and get them better profits. 

But, New Bussines companies and individuals are unaware of this payment gateway because of that they simply put paytm, google pay or paypal address on thier website which customer have to copy and paste on thier payment app to buy products or services which is little time taking including that it will not give good shopping experience right at the moment it is important and crucial for any company success is to provide best payment gateway to thier customers but new bussines sellers and individuals are unaware of this fact due to that they are not proving any payment gateway on thier customers which is causing low sells and financial losses. 

In this scenario, if you are a new seller or company running Bussines we found a website named which will provide workaround to new Bussines companies &  individuals to put thier best payment gatway on thier shopping or services based online website with numerous features new bussines companies or individuals will able to get maximum out of to give best payment gatway to thier customers that will drive more customers to buy from you in over other due to best payment gateway available on your website that you added on your online using 

Before, we continue to start registering and setting up best and free payment gateway on your online website using let's know more details about it is founded by two entrepreneurs drawn together by shared vision to let the Bussines companies or individuals to give best payment gatway on thier online websites to sell thier products in ease. 

The story dates back in 2013 when the founder Shashank kumar and Harshil Mathur created which will provide online payment gateway to business companies or individuals with its free plans and tools, razorpay gone through alot of developments and grown to such an extent now it can be considered as best payment gateway providing website in India which will grow your bussines and sells to get your profits faster. official team 

Founder : Shashank Kumar
Co-Founder : Harshil Mathur official support • 

- App Info - Google Play 

How to download Razorpay  •

It is very easy to download Razorpay App from these platforms available for free. 

How to register and setup to add payment gateway on your online website for free with UI & UX Overview • 

- Tap on Sign Up Now

- Enter your company / work email, password and tap on Sign up or Signup with Google to ease process. 

- Select your business type, if registered else tap on unregistered

- Enter your bussines name and contact number then tap on Next

- Now, you will get to your sign up email, check your email inbox and find the email received from razorpay then enter the otp that you seen in email it will verify the email automatically. 

- Once done, tap on Test Mode

- Tap on Live Mode to configure. 

- In order to receive payments according to RBI rules and guidelines you must need to complete KYC, tap on fill KYC to do it. 

- You have to Select these options. 

- Business type
- Business category
- Sub category
- Business description, 

Scroll down to add more details. 

- Select Average order range, enter your website if you want to receive payments through your website and tap on Next

- Here, According to RBI it is must to have pan card to send or receive large amount of money, so register for pan card if you don't have, if you already have pan card then enter below fields.

• Enter your pan card no
• Pan card holder name
• Billing label
• Address 
• Pincode 

Scroll down to add more then tap on Next

- Enter this fields

• Beneficiary Name
• Branch IFSC Code
• Account Number
• Re-Enter Account Number

Tap on Next

- Now, you will get Aadhar verification code to your registered linked Aadhar mobile no, check it and enter it here or if you not have linked aadhar registered mobile no, then check the box My Aadhar is not linked to my number, if you already got the otp then enter your otp and complete captcha then tap on Submit form, else it may take at least 14 days to verify you.

In menu, You have most used payment and well know payment gateway option. 

- Payment links
- Payment pages 
- Payment button

Tap on them to customize and add it your own online website, to know more features
and details of Razorpay then explore thier website. 

Woohoo, You successfully registered and configured Razorpay to add best payment gateway system on your online website. 

Atlast, You added the best payment portal available in internet on your online website in matter of few minutes, but to note that Razorpay chargre nominal fee to receive payments you can configure it to transfer nominal fee burden to your customers and also remember you can change payment type like instant payouts, 1 day payouts etc which will increase the speed of recieving payments and may also work on bank holidays. 

Overall, You will get these useful features and benefits with it is very easy to use due to its simple user interface website gives you clean user experience but we have to wait and see will get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now have perfect user interface and user experience that you may like to use for sure. 

Moreover, it is worth to mention Razorpay is best payment gateway providing website in India when compared with instamojo, instamojo have to many bugs and they will hold your payments and not transfer your money in time even after you pay the additional charge there are alot of complaints from customers regarding instamojo even we faced bad experience with instamojo, 

But, in Razorpay you won't get such problems so, if you have any requirement to add payment gateway on your website then we recommend you to add razorpay it is best payment gateway provider service utilised by 50 lakh + bussines companies and individuals to accept payments for thier products or services using, Now it's upto you. 

Finally, This is how you can create register and setup payment gateway on your website using, it is very simple and add useful to best payment gateway on your website to give good experience to your customers and increase sells, in addition you can also utilise it to collect donations with donate button on your website, so do you like it? If yes do you tried If you are a registered user of do mention why you like and say your experience in our comment section below, see ya :)