Do you own a website or blog hosted on Blogger, Wordpress or any other content management system? It is important to have good comment system on blog or website, comment system will help you gain interaction and get feedback from your visitors, audience or followers not only that you can clarify doubts or any queries in comment section itself

We have numerous comment system's  available out there on world wide web to use them for free on your blog or website hosted on wordpress, blogger any website but most popular choice among bloggers, wordpress users and many more people was disqus comment system. 

But, Disqus comment system have some issues like it can be only applied easily on blogs and websites which have templates and themes that are pre-ready supports and compatible with disqus comment system when any user copy the username url of disqus then the user can easily paste the disqus user url in the field of template or themes gadgets or plugins to get disqus comment system live on thier website or blog in one minute without editing theme, template or HTML source for free. 

Yes, To apply disqus comment system on incompatible themes or template that are on Blogger or any html website or blog you need to edit your theme or template which can mess whole theme or template code if you don't have coding knowledge that can be hefty task and get you errors because the disqus comment system code is little lengthy and it is not user friendly. 

Even, we faced problems with disqus code to add it on our website with if you just have theme or template already that is pre-ready compatible and support disqus comment system then you can just paste the disqus username on your template or theme widget else install disqus plugin to run disqus comment system on your blog or website in a moment for free. 

Eventhough, Disqus is undoubtedly the most popular choice among bloggers and wordpress users and people due to its powerful comment system packed with many potential features that you will like to use for sure incase if you are using it for first time to create discussions with your audience but recent times disqus got some backlash from users. like some users changing from disqus and recommending the same. 

However, Due to little big size of disqus comment system on thier blog or website which is reducing load time of thier blog or website that effect thier SEO including that some people have issues with disqus and some people just got bored of the disqus comment system so, they searching for an disqus alternative that is free, less in size and much better then disqus in all edges to add on thier website or blog. 

In this scenario, we found an reliable and likable comment system named GraphComment which is intuitive and simple to use and apply on your blog or website with beginner friendly code in one minute without need of hefty editing of source and getting worried about errors like in disqus, GraphComment can create beautiful discussion with your audience or visitor with its features that was integrated with simple & less size comment system that was optimized to work best on your blog or website for free

GraphComment Official Support • 

How to register on and Add Comment System on Website or Blog for Free •

- Go to and scroll down


- You can login using Facebook, Twitter and Google. 

- Tap on Add a new website

- Enter Site name, Unique id, Website url, Select Website preferred language, check ✔ I have read and agree to the "Terms of Use" And tap on Send. 

- Tap on Universal code and scroll down. 

- Tap and Copy the code and paste it on your Website or Blog Html code before the tag, Simple right! You can add the same code on blogger, to add it on Blogger or wordpress then follow the instructions shown below. 

• How to download and Add GraphComment on Wordpress for Free •

* Download GraphComment : Plugin 

On the left menu of the WordPress admin, select Extensions > Add

Click on the button "Add an extension online" on top

- Select the file "" on your computer

- Click on "install now" (you have to set up the FTP access in WordPress)

How to add GraphComment code on Blogger for free •

- Go to Blogger, Tap on Layout and tap on Add a Gadget on any Section. 

- Add HTML/JavaScript Widget

- Paste the GraphComment, Universal Code Here and Tap on Save

Wow! You successfully registered on and copied code to add it on any website especially Blogger effortlessly. 

Atlast, GraphComment is useful, simple and best comment system with alot of potential features to add on your Website or Blog for free, When compared with the most popular disqus, GraphComment is better in terms of simplicity and the user interface is much better, clean and most importantly feels optimized, 

So, In GraphComment you can easily gain interaction and engagement with your viewers, audience, visitors and followers. if you want a comment section to add it on your website or blog that is simple and optimized with cool features then GraphComment can become your new Comment System. 

Overall, GraphComment is useful, clean, simple, intuitive, optimized, beautiful and amazing website and comment system that is very easy to use and add on your blog or website, which gives you clean user interface with all the necessary features that are required for comment system that drives cool user experience. 

We have to wait and see will this GraphComment system get any better major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now GraphComment have perfect user interface and user experience that you may like to use for sure. 

Moreover, Above you can see the Free Plan key features to check you need to check on thier website, it is worth to mention you can unlock complete features of GraphComment by purchasing thier premium plans, if you have any need of premium features then check GraphComment premium plans key features below to know more you have to visit thier website, but if you are going ahead to buy premium plan then choose wisely. 

GraphComment Premium Plans •

Finally, This is GraphComment best and simple, reliable, optimized and leading comment system with awesome features that can be considered as an alternative to disqus to add on your blog, website especially Blogger, do you like it? If yes have you tried? If you are already user of GraphComment then do mention why you like GraphComment say us your experience in our comment section below, see ya :)