We have numerous ways to earn money online but most websites pay you money through PayPal, Amazon gift cards which are not popular in India so users depend on such money earing apps and websites which pay them through bank and PAYTM cash but most PAYTM cash earning apps and websites only pay cash when user do tasks and refferals which needs hardwork and patience.

In this scenario we found a website named Crownit that pays you PAYTM cash for doing very easy & simple surveys which is currently one of best website and app to earn PAYTM cash online when you start and successfully complete any survey they will do manual check of your survey submission it may take upto 1hr or sometimes 10 to 15 days.

Once they found the survey you submitted is geniune then Crownit will instantly credit PAYTM cash to your account from 30rs to 120rs beside that whenever you complete a survey submission you will get a chance to spin a wheel which consist of PAYTM cash rewards you can utilise that to, do we got your attention? Are you interested to earn PAYTM cash online in india? Let's know little more info before we join on Crownit to earn PAYTM Cash rewards by completing surveys.

• Crownit Official Support •

Website : crownit.in

- App Info - Google Play / App Store

• How to download Crownit •

It is very easy to download Crownit from these platforms for free

How to join on Crownit to do surveys and earn PAYTM cash online for free in india •

- Go to Crownit.in

- Tap on

- Tap on Take Survey

- Tap on Join For Free
- Enter your phone number and tap on Verify now you will get OTP enter it to proceed further.

- Select Male / Female and tap on Submit

- Enter your age and tap on Submit

- Select your city and tap on Submit

Wah, You successfully registered on Crownit now it's time to do surveys.

-  Tap on Take Survey

- Select ITEMS you have at home and tap on Next from then complete survey.

- After you complete survey sumit it and wait until Crownit do manual check and reward you, you can earn upto 1000rs if you do survey first you'll get 100rs. 

- You will get SMS when they credit reward to your PAYTM account.

Congrats, You just learned how to take and do easy surveys on Crownit to earn PAYTM cash online for free in india.

Atlast, Crownit is simple yet amazing website to earn PAYTM cash online for free that is very useful for people who want to earn money online, actually Crownit is a market research website if you have any company you can utilise Crownit to conduct surveys, right now this are the key features  you may get more features soon that makes it even more better, it's has all the features to work to be best PAYTM cash earning website and app on internet. But the only drawback was they take days to manual check surveys except that everything is fine and cool if they speedup manual survey reviews then it will be more enjoyable and it will gain more audience.

Overall, Crownit  simple, clean, quick  fast, user friendly PAYTM cash earning app and website available on internet it is very easy to use due to its simple user interface that gives clean user experience packed with the required features but we have to wait and see will Crownit get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now Crownit have perfect user interface and user experience that you may like to use for sure.

Moreover, it is worth to mention Crownit is the best app & website to earn PAYTM cash online it is easy and simple Yes, Indeed so, if you are searching for an good app or website to earn money online that is packed with numerous features then we suggest you to choose Crownit it is an excellent choice that has potential to become your new favorite. 

FinallyThis is Crownit one of the best way to earn PAYTM cash online user in India for free so, do you like it? If yes are using Crownit, if you are existing user of crownit
then do say your experience also mention why you like Crownit in our comment section below, see ya :)