Xiaomi and Tecno a sub-brand from Trannsion are both chinese companies who used to only focus in china but later they gradually entered into other countries especially Xiaomi is the first smartphone  manufacturing company who entered and got immense success in developing countries like India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, etc.

In india, before xiaomi people has no choice other then paying for high priced mobiles from companies like Samsung, Nokia etc who's primary focus is on the flagship mobiles even though they made some budget smartphones still they used to price them very high considering specs
they are are not worthy so due to that alot of people with poor financial background were unable to afford smartphones.

However, thanks to Xiaomi which entered in india back in 2014 with Redmi 1S budget smartphone that revolutioned the entire mobile market of India, Redmi 1S has many flagship features but still priced very low at that time so that anyone can buy and enjoy thier products.

Xiaomi in the beginnings preferred to only sell it's smartphones online by partnering with popular online shopping platforms like Amazon and flipkart etc through flash sales but later on they shifted it's business to offline as well, anyhow over the years Xiaomi become world's most popular smartphone company and set strong foothold in developing countries with value for money products.

Xiaomi like Samsung not just manufacture smartphones they make other electronic products to but Xiaomi is well known for smartphones, Xiaomi surprised world with thier lowest pricing on products and when people around the world questioned Xiaomi how is this possible? Then Xiaomi simply replied stating that we will sell our smartphones with only 2 to 4% profits margin and sometimes we don't take profits.

In case of big companies like Samsung they take 8 to 16% margin profits on it's products and they also pay commission to offline stores to sell it's products, that's why they're priced high but eventually Samsung and other mobile companies understood that they have to go in path of Xiaomi to sustain in developing countries as they're sells are dropping they have no choice other then start making value for money budget smartphones which are comparable to Xiaomi mobiles like for example : Samsung M series.

Thanks to Xiaomi, many companies who make budget smartphones from china started entering into other country mobile markets like RealMe, Nubia, Meizu and Tecno etc as they understand the potential of developing countries, even though some companies like Nubia and Meizu failed yet RealMe and Tecno now a days giving edge to edge competition to Xiaomi.

Especially, Tecno mobiles from Trannsion has amazing value of money smartphones that are better then Xiaomi in many cases, Transsion unlike Xiaomi they're more interested in Africa and want to focus on developing Africa so they setup it's mobile manufacturing plant back in 2009 and become top mobile brand in Africa.

But, Transsion also want to globalize it's smartphones so they eventually started entering into developing countries mobile market like India, bangladesh, vietnam, pakistan like Xiaomi and got success, now they are moving forward and making strategies to dominate mobile market of developed countries like USA, EU etc where people prefer Apple or Samsung flagship smartphones.

Tecno didn't give any statements on it's profit margin but yeah Tecno like Xiaomi only sell it's smartphones on online shopping platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc, if you're someone who prefer value for money smartphones then you may most likely know Tecno smartphones provide value for money budget smartphones.

But, many people when they want to buy budget smartphone choose Xiaomi as they are not aware of Tecno, if you're someone who want to buy smartphones but confused or don't know which has best value for money smartphones is either Xiaomi or Tecno? then don't worry we are going to help you to decide on your own, so are you ready? If yes let's get started.

• Xiaomi vs Tecno smartphones •

• Software •

Foremost, The first primary thing that differentiate a smartphone brand from other smartphone brand is it's operating system while both Xiaomi and Tecno smartphones are powered by Android but Xiaomi has pure custom skin named MIUI while Tecno has mix of custom skin plus  stock Android essense, which software you like?

• Hardware •

Both Xiaomi and Tecno provide good quality smartphone based on price, but Xiaomi usually add atleast Gorilla 3 glass, incase of Tecno they didn't mention which glass they use yet considering our usage Tecno smartphones surprisingly survived many drops with no scratches, however for whatever odd reason Xiaomi some times launch few smartphones with terrible low quality hardware for instance MI A series.

• Camera •

Xiaomi in the beginnings didn't much focused on camera but later on Xiaomi improved alot of interms of camera, Tecno is like Xiaomi they have good camera quality but it's not excellent, anyway both Xiaomi and Tecno has camera quality that suits the price, so when you buy high price smartphones of Tecno or Xiaomi you'll get better camera quality and features.

• Processor •

Xiaomi packs Qualcomm snapdragon and Mediatek processor on smartphones, but Xiaomi use Snapdragon in most mobiles as developing countries and developer community prefer Snapdragon over Mediatek, while Tecno pack Mediatek proccessor on all smartphones, so if you like Snapdragon then you may choose Xiaomi else Tecno.

• ROM / RAM •

Now a days majority of mobile companies give minimum 64GB to 128GB of storage with 4GB RAM on budget smartphones and same goes for Xiaomi and Tecno, but due to latest advancements recently budget smartphones are adding 128GB of storage with 6GB ram, so Xiaomi and Tecno also started giving 128GB storage and 6GB ram on new budget smartphones, but the problem here is Xiaomi on few mobiles don't give SD card support.

• Battery •

Xiaomi and Tecno like any other budget smartphone has lithium based batteries, and both adds either 5000 or 6000 Mah capacity battery on budget smartphones with 10 or 18kw fast charging support, however battery life depends on numerous factors like battery quality, usage patterns, software and hardware optimization etc. It seems like both smartphones comes with big and quality battery for sure.

• Design •

Design is very important as it's the first thing you see and feel, Xiaomi and Tecno has plastic backs on majority of it's budget smartphones with numerous and different, designs, so as each individual has thier own preference you can choose between Xiaomi and Tecno, I personally like Tecno.

Finally, Xiaomi is well known popular mobile company, while Tecno is uprising mobile company, There is no doubt both companies smartphone brands has thier own upsides and downsides, but the fact is Tecno beats Xiaomi smartphones in many areas especially in terms of pricing, so you can definitely consider Tecno as best alternative to Xiaomi, according to my analysis and opinion I say Tecno has best value for money smartphones over Xiaomi, do say what do yo think? and mention why you like Xiaomi or Tecno in our comment section below, see ya :)