Apple, the emperor of costliest & premium smartphone and gadget series founded by steve jobs & steve wozniak well known for it's innovation and security has now come up with it's latest new smartphone in thier popular iPhone series named apple iPhone 13 pro max with some other models to but iPhone 13 Pro Max is higher varaint launched with amazing specs with top notch quality but marketed with price of whooping 179,900 ruppes in india for higher variant that can trouble and make iphone out of reach to middle-class and poor people atleast in India as the average salary of a person in india is still low at 10,000 ruppess as it is still developing nation when compared to developed countries like US or UK & yeah  it will also effect other developing nations.

Apple's iPhone is behind Google's Android smartphones interms of expansion & sales as per statistics majority of people in India and other countries especially in Asia buy and use smartphones powered by Android as smartphones powered by Android are priced low and available for cheap as well and yeah most smartphones powered by Google's android is from china companies and you may know people doesn't care about country when the product is well prepared with quality by providing value for money right!

Google's Android powered smartphones have 72.73 percent of market share world - wide as of now while apple's iOS powered smartphones have market share of 26.42 percent and you know the reason why the apple iphone is struggling to beat Google Android smartphones, it is the high price which causing trouble for expansion of Apple smartphones and products hard to every household.

the main reason iPhone smartphone were not able to get sold is it's price difference like for Instance in india apple products like iphone is priced at 1 lakh rupees with all including taxes but while the same iphone model or apple product in dubai will be priced at 80,000 ruppess if you were good at bargaining you may get it at 75,000 including all taxes that will provide major difference in price

Because, In UAE dubai taxes on electronic products are low so iphones or apple products in dubai are priced low but here's a catch for suppose india taxes effecting and causing trouble to apple to provide products at low price then how did chinese companies were able to manage India's taxes and still provide smartphones at lower price which apple already knows but I don't know the reason exactly why apple is still dreaming that people can buy its costliest iphones when people can't afford it, does it mean china companies are more intelligent and capable then the trend setter and revolutionary like apple. seems like it.

I do understand and most people know that compared to low priced android powered smartphones, apple iphone iOS powered smartphones provide great quality interms of hardware & software which I agree but even if someone from mid-class or poor person able to afford iphone with alot of hard savings with his average low salary in developing countries for example : let's take india when a iphone got damaged the repairing costs are at such high you can buy a new iphone with it which is another major drawback that making people step away from Apple's products that need apple's attention but I don't think they putting enough but while in android powered smartphones repairing costs are low and people who have low salary can afford it which is major relief.

I don't say that apple must decrease it's prices for it's products but I can say if they don't decrease prices for it's products they may never going to get good market share in developing countries and even can't beat android smartphone in dreams, yes I can state it strongly because in india apple iphone market share is 2% in 2020 and in 2021 it is 4%, the double market share may trickles you but it's very low as it takes decades to reach android smartphones market share in india, if the market share of Apple iphone is in such drastic state in a fastest growing country like India just think about apple iphone market share in poor countries which is thinkable.

So, I really doubt do apple marketing team really know expansion of products and making them accessible to most people in world can give major uphand in world or may be apple is happy with all it's market share metrics but you may know and I do feel any company even apple can't be happy when they are lacking behind of it's competitor anyday.

The reason I could think of is apple is damn happy with it's sales in developed countries like US, UK and other European countries where they have big market share which getting them billions of money, so apple may become little careless but incase if market share of Apple products go down in the countries for any situation like economy crash where apple used to sale iphone like hotcakes then it can put apple into bad position, when it happens then apple may think about reducing or making iphone affordable to everyone but right now Apple is on bullet train where it doesn't listen the outside whispers of people from poor and developing countries regards to reduction of iphone prices and yeah it's my personal opinion. Don't mind it apple!

Now, let's have a little speculation on apple iphone 13 pro max which recently launched on sept 14, 2021 with latest software iOS 15 and major changes in hardware and mainly long lasting battery which is currently talk of town in every country which says to be providing 18 hours of battery life with just 4,352 mah, I'm sure apple done some really good job or magic with it's hardware and software to make it possible, hats off to apple iphones quality.

• iPhone 13 Pro Max Key Specifications •

- graphite, gold, silver, and sierra blue.
- 6.7 inches, 120 hz refresh rate
- Apple A15 Bionic
- 4,352 mAh Battery
- 18W Flash Charge
- 128GB, 256GB, 512GB ROM + 6GB RAM [ Not Expandable internal storage ]
- 12MP Front Camera 
- 12 MP [ Telephoto, OIS, PDAF ] Triple camera with wide, ultra-wide and zoom cameras, as well as a LiDAR scanner.
- 5G Ready
- Supports wire-less charging.
- Hexa core 64 bit - 5nm
- iOS 15 [ Latest ]
- Dolby Atmos
- 4K UHD Video Recording
- IP68, water, splash and dust
- 20.W : wired | 15.0 W : wireless

• iPhone 13 Pro Max Cons •

- No 3.5 mm jack
- Big Notch
- smaller screen

Well, the spectacular specifications with apple's best quality and security in the market can attract all people beside of thier financial condition either they can afford or not but wait eventhough this apple iphone can give you premium usage experience, however people who can't afford will go for alternative which is Android where you'll get bigger screen, bigger battery and 3.5 mm jack, 5g ready, best possible camera, 6 or 8gb ram with 128 gb rom with expandable storage through SD card, dolby atomos or any other sound engine in 1/10 of Apple's iphones price so what will people do who  can't afford iphone they will surely and definitely go for android smartphone, despite iphone will perform better then 1/10 pricing android phone but still it is causing negative & bad impact on iphone sells and expansion right which is totally makes sense.

In such scenario, Apple have to think and address and make a solution for the issue but I don't think apple seems like working for a workaround, may be apple could be working in indoor for a solution to provide iphone at affordable rates so until apple make a revolutionary press release of this, people with bad financial condition have to struggle for years to own a iphone, if apple is very serious in expansion of its iOS powered iphones they may announce the hot news of budget iphones soon in few years but incase if apple is serious and strongly and deeply committed and want to only make iphone accessible to people who have big & good financial condition irrespective of it's low expansion and sales metrics then Google's Android is the only choice as of now.

If you know about iphone SE which is said to be budget series of iphone with smaller screen and powerful features in backend is priced at 32,999 and it is still at high price, but little affordable still specs are low compared to Android powered china smartphones so generally people with low financial condition like to save money then such people will go for android powered chinese smartphones over iphone SE, despite even getting better quality in iphone SE, as android powered china smartphones provide overall value for money,

In such case apple have only solution is to make such smartphone that can compete value for money android powered chinese smartphones else apple defeating or competing google's android smartphones interms of expansion and worldwide market share is out of league unless a 8th wonder occur with mystical powers, apple I hope already knows if this is happening to iphone SE and the same will occur to iphone 13 pro max which apple know already and you know apple is not ready to make revolutionary decisions yet again in smartphone segment and they only done once in 2007 with iPhone 1 with the founder steve jobs, tributes to steve jobs for his vision & fearless world changing revolutionaries, now he is not alive but alive in our hearts anyway.

Finally, I wanna conclude, iphone 13 pro max is amazing but it can only impact people in countries where apple have big market share as we said earlier, so to get market share in other countries where market share is low apple have to change its mindset and do revolutionary decisions like steve jobs, if steve jobs was alive probably he would done something for expansion and market share of iphones in every country to reach every household.

The times changed 2007 is the beginning stage of smartphone so iPhone 1 at high price is totally makes sense but it's more then a decade of smartphones now and most companies already understood this and started making low price value for money products to reach everyone even top tier companies like sony, motorola, LG etc so apple also have to go in thier way and think and do the work like steve jobs else we know the same apple old story high priced costliest and premium smartphones with low market share and not reachable to low financial condition people.